Wedding Photography: Candid Shots of the Guests

Wedding photography is not complete, Mother of the Bride, without some great candid shots of the guests. All brides, grooms, and their families want to remember who joined their wedding day celebration. Asking the photographer to capture photos of the guests as they naturally interact with one another is the perfect way to do it.

The photo above is a super sweet shot of Rob and Kaden, our neice’s husband and son (now a recent high school graduate!), and the one below shows a loving moment between our nephew Aaron and his wife Monica. It’s one of my favorite candid shots from our daughter Kristin’s wedding. As Monica places her hand on the back of Aaron’s neck, he reaches out to touch her as well, wrapping his hand around the back of her leg. I love how the photographer spotted this moment of mutual love expressed and immortalized it for us.

So, MOB, in addition to all the standard photos the photographer will be taking, ask him or her to capture lots of candid shots of your guests as well. Hugs, laughter, surprise, and special moments of all kinds will abound that day. Try to make them a permanent part of your daughter’s wedding day story.

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*Photos by Chris Humphrey Photographer

Deciding On a Wedding Guest Book: Ideas to Get You Started

Mother of the Bride, have your daughter and her beloved decided on what kind of guest book they’d like the wedding guests to sign yet? Years ago (when we got married!), there weren’t a lot of options where guest books were concerned, but today the guest book decision isn’t as straightforward as it once was.

Yes, MOB, the choices for wedding guest books have broadened considerably. Why not brainstorm some possible approaches with your bride-to-be?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. The traditional guest-book-only sign-in. This is the small book (maybe 5×7) used exclusively on wedding day to sign guests in as they arrive for the ceremony or reception.
  2. The traditional wedding record/memory book. This book is larger (approx. 9×12) and includes pages for everything from the couple’s first date to where they honeymoon. Several sign-in pages for the wedding are included as well as pages for showers, gifts, etc. (My daughters both used this method. In fact, I gave them their special record books as Christmas gifts when they were planning their weddings.)
  3. A photo guest book designed by the couple through a site like Shutterfly. This type of guest book adds a real personal touch since it features the couple’s engagement photos.
  4. A large framed photo or piece of art with guests signing the mat that surrounds it. This option allows the couple to daily enjoy the memories of their big day and the people who joined them for it.
  5. A guest book quilt, hanging and ready for guests to sign. What a keepsake treasure this would be!
  6. A photo booth wedding guest book. It provides not only a super fun visual record of those attending the wedding, but also gives the guests a chance to include a personal message.
  7. A guest tree.  Each guest signs a leaf on the tree, and when the wedding is over, the bride and groom have a keepsake record ready to hang on the wall, a continual reminder of all who joined them for their special day.

Possibilities abound with a little creative thought. Some help from Pinterest can come in handy, too, right? If you’d like to see a few more options, check out my Weddings—This and That board on Pinterest. Have fun brainstorming with your girl, MOB!

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*Photo by Flowers Photography