A Bump on the Road to Spring

Who would have guessed that we’d have to drive through a snow storm on our way home from our spring break trip to Kristin and Shawn’s? Or find upon our return that our town had received six inches of winter’s handiwork? Talk about a bump on the road to spring!

The poor little purple flowers lining our front sidewalk certainly took a beating. That spring spoiler of a storm pummeled their young stems and laid them low. Even though the melt had already begun by the time we arrived home Sunday evening, the blooms still hugged the concrete when I snapped the photo above on Monday morning. I didn’t know if they’d pull out of this last (hopefully!) winter assault or not.

I’m happy to report today that spring has successfully sprung back and conquered that mean ole icy bump in the road. By yesterday afternoon, the temp climbed to nearly 70 degrees, and winter’s white calling card disappeared. Our little purple flowers stood erect and healthy once again, as if nothing had even happened to them. Spring prevailed.

I wonder if any of us have encountered a bump on the road lately. You know what I mean. Just when we think we are making improvements or have turned a corner with a situation, challenge, or trial, we get pummeled with a fresh assault of some sort. Something that tries to lay us low.

How will we respond? Will we spend as little time as possible “hugging the concrete”, or will we let the bump on the road to our spring get the best of us? Let’s be encouraged by my little purple flowers. We, too, can stand tall again as we allow the very Author of spring itself to strengthen us. Remember — He prevailed!

“The angel said to the women, ‘Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said…” Matthew 28:5-6a

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  1. We have much to learn from our earthen counterparts. They, better than us, understand what it is to weather the seasons in trust!


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