Squeezing In a Visit

My Facebook status this past Thursday morning read, “Meeting one of my best friends in Joplin today for a visit before she moves 7 hrs away. Yay for the visit, boohoo for the move!” And there we are in the picture — squeezing in one more visit before the distance between us nearly tripled. Let me say it once again — boohoo!

Jeneal and I have been friends now for around 23 years, and most of that has been spent long-distance. Before her move a few days ago, she was living almost 2 1/2 hrs. away, and that proved to be too far for us to see each other very often. Last time, in fact, was early December. A couple of times she has lived as close as an hour and a half away, and we felt positively spoiled then.

As I’m sure you all realize, it takes real effort to maintain a long-distance friendship. Ours has been no exception. Email has made it easier the past several years, but phone calls and the occasional in-person visit have been important in helping us feel close and stay connected.

Friendship, whether long-distance or not, requires investing in the relationship, and Jeneal and I chose to do that one more time after she found out rather abruptly that she would be moving. We met at a half-way point and gabbed as fast as our lips could fly, making the most of our few hours together.

Yes, it went by all too quickly, but I’m so thankful we made the time to see each other. And as our long-distance friendship is put to an even more challenging test, at least we’re heading into it fully loaded with that one last visit.

Think for a minute about friendships of yours that may need a fresh investment right now. Any relationship crying out for a little attention? Send that email or make that call. Is it time to squeeze in a visit? Go for it. Take it from me, though — just be sure the ole lips are in flying condition… :)

“Do your best to come to me quickly…” 2 Timothy 4:9

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  1. And I shout out a hearty AMEN!!! So glad you had some time together!


  2. Great photo!!

  3. A good word for me; my very best friend lives 10 hours from me; we haven’t seen each other in 2 years. The friendship has waned a bit in that time; still and yet, we call on a regular basis. She doesn’t do computers, making the connection even more difficult.

    I will call her tonight and check in. Thanks for the prompt.


  4. Gotta love time spent with good friends!! Just stopped by to say “Hi!”
    I have not read any blogs in forever!! Have a great rest of the week!

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