A Distant Land

Distant LandI’ve been in a distant land the past few days so will just share a quick thought or two. And no, I didn’t go as far away as the ocean or the mountains. My distant land was in Texas, only about six hours away from here. But when you’re away from home, anywhere can seem kind of distant, can’t it?

Do you happen to be in a distant land of some sort? Maybe you’ve moved recently or are away at school or on a work assignment. Maybe you’re in the military and are stationed overseas. But maybe, just maybe, you’re in another kind of distant land. You’re in a new or strange situation or possibly just feeling isolated and lonely. You may have even drifted away from God — or never found Him to begin with.

Wherever you are, look to the Lord. He is your home. Don’t forget Him. Come to Him. Rest in Him. Live for Him in your distant land…

“Remember the Lord in a distant land…” Jeremiah 51:50a

Flickr photo by ((brian)), Creative Commons License

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