Rustic Wedding Bridal Shoes: Boots—What Else?


Mother of the Bride, if your little gal is planning a rustic wedding, she may want a touch of country in her attire—and that may mean boots on her feet!

Even though boots may clash a bit with the best gown of your daughter’s lifetime, they really can be super cute when you have a rustic theme going on throughout the wedding. If you add a touch of rustic to the bouquet as in the photo below, the boots will even provide that other element that will tie her attire all together. And just think of all the cute photo possibilities!

So Momma of the Bride, saddle up and get in the hoedown spirit. If boots will make your baby girl happy, kick up your heels and join the fun. Boots it will be!

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*Flickr photos by Villa de Amore, Creative Commons License

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