About Cheryl

IMG_7880_E_MRThanks for stopping in to learn a little more about writer and author Cheryl Barker! Here’s the nutshell version:

Cheryl is just an ordinary woman from Kansas who happens to also be a writer. She loves the Lord and longs for her words to be a blessing to others. Her heart’s desire is to refresh spirits and nourish souls.

Want a more detailed picture of who she is? Then here’s the version for you:

Cheryl grew up in a house full of girls. Along with her mom and three sisters, they had their dad outnumbered five to one. Both sets of her grandparents lived on farms so she was blessed with a taste of country life even though she was a townie.

Right in the middle of her college years, she married a fun-loving but dedicated biology student named Don. They’re still together after all this time, but he’s now retired from dissecting cats and looking through microscopes after forty-plus years of teaching.

Cheryl was an English teacher for a short time but gave it up to become a full-time, stay-at-home mom. Daughters Kristin and Kelli grew up to be amazing women who brought equally amazing men into the family as sons-in-law. Cheryl loves them each one, and no one could be prouder of her kids than she is of Kristin and Shawn and Kelli and Jake. In January 2015 God blessed Kristin and Shawn with twin boys, and then in August 2016 he blessed Kelli and Jake with twin boys too! That’s right, Cheryl has two sets of twin grandsons! As you can imagine, she adores Isaiah and James and Samuel and Silas and absolutely loves being a grandma.

Cheryl began her writing pursuits during her girls’ teenage years. Since then God has blessed by allowing her work to appear in magazines, compilation books, Blue Mountain Arts greeting cards and calendars, and other publications. In July 2016, her book Mother of the Bride: Refreshment and Wisdom for the Mother of the Bride was published by BroadStreet Publishing. She’s so grateful to have the opportunity to bless mothers of the bride for years to come now. Most recently, in November 2023, Cheryl signed a contract with B&H Publishing for a Christmas devotional book that will be coming out in Fall 2025. She is beyond excited and grateful to now have the chance to be able to offer a beautiful new devotional resource for use during the weeks leading up to Christmas. Her prayer is that it will help countless readers reclaim the beauty and wonder of the Christmas season.

When she’s not writing or tending to life’s chores, she loves to spend time with family and friends, take photos, sing in her church choir, read, go to movies with Don, and simply enjoy being a grandmother. Last—but certainly not least—she loves to indulge in daily doses of chocolate!