Groom’s Cake Idea: Favorite Professional Sports Team

Mother of the Bride, are you and the happy couple talking cakes yet? And more specifically, the groom’s cake? If so, this suggestion might help you hit a wedding planning home run if the groom decides to run with it. Do you see a theme developing here?!

If your future son-in-law has a favorite professional sports team, he might love featuring it in some way with his groom’s cake. He could request that your cake baker design a team jersey and hat cake (as in the photo above), or he might rather feature the team’s mascot or a simply the team’s name and logo on a big sheet cake. Or he might have a different idea entirely once you spark his imagination.

So grab the soon-to-be newlyweds, MOB, and show them this idea. The groom may love it—and you will have knocked it out of the park with your suggestion! Fingers crossed for you!

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*Flickr photo by aalphotos, Creative Commons License

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