Groom’s Cake Idea: Alma Mater Pride

groom's cake

Let’s just say it—cake is popular. And at a wedding reception, Mother of the Bride, it’s especially popular. Whether it’s the main wedding cake or the groom’s cake, everyone’s interested in the sweet treat that will delight their taste buds before they take their leave.

Even though the wedding cake naturally takes center stage, the groom’s cake often inspires just as much—if not more—interest. Everyone either wants to see what aspect of his life the groom has chosen to highlight or they’re dying to know what extra yumminess awaits beyond the more traditional wedding cake. Did the groom choose a delicious carrot cake or will the coveted slice of groom’s cake involve some sort of chocolate decadence?

If your daughter’s groom is unsure of a design for his cake, why not suggest he fly the colors of his alma mater? Showing some university pride never goes out of style. Shawn, our oldest daughter’s beloved, chose to use one of his university’s logos (pictured above). Since he and Kristin both graduated from the University of Tulsa, it was a theme dear to many hearts represented at their wedding.

Chocolate is also dear to many of our hearts, and Shawn—and the wedding cake baker—did not disappoint on that level. His TU cake still remains one of the best groom’s cakes I’ve ever tasted. Thanks to Emeline Bauder of Grandeur Affaires for that!

So if your future son-in-law is looking for an idea, show him the photo above. And don’t forget to suggest plenty of chocolate, too!

*What are some other ways an alma mater could be highlighted on a groom’s cake?

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*Photo by Chris Humphrey

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  1. Well, now here’s a post for me! I could do something like this for the rehearsal dinner. Both of them went to the same college. It’s where they met. Thanks for the idea!

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