A Weekend for Remembering

*An encore presentation of a previous Memorial Weekend post.

Since like so many of you, I’ve been out of town celebrating this holiday weekend with my family, I thought I would post a little something I already had on hand. In keeping with Memorial Day and remembering our loved ones who are no longer with us, here is a poem I wrote several years ago in memory of my grandparents, Charlie and Marjorie Barnes.

Hope this inspires some pleasant memories of your own. Enjoy — and Happy Memorial Day!

Downtown with Grandpa and Grandma

When Grandpa and Grandma came to town
Fun followed right on schedule,
They’d leave their worries
Back on the farm
To make memories for us
We’d never forget.
Just going downtown together turned into
An adventure every time.
The dime stores held treasures
We never tired of looking at,
And sipping sodas at the fountain there
Was a dream
They always made come true.
Grandpa couldn’t pass the candy counter
Without getting his peanut clusters,
And, of course, he’d slip one
To each of us, too.
We’d check the parking meter
To see if we had time to sit for awhile
Just to watch the people go by.
We could always count on someone
To make us turn our heads and snicker
Or even laugh till our faces hurt.
What a day it was
When Grandpa and Grandma came to town!

“I remember the days of long ago; I meditate on all your works…” Psalm 143:5a

*What’s one of your favorite memories of your grandparents?

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  1. Thanks for bringing back some great memories of sitting on my grandma’s porch swing for hours at a time, not really doing anything.

    Also my other grandmother’s cloth shop, where we could get Cokes for 5 cents from the machine. :-)

  2. How fun. What a sweet poem. Don’t ya love the gool ole days.

  3. Lovely memories, Cheryl. Just reading it triggers memories of times on my grandmothers’ farms as a child. Hope you had a lovely holiday weekend.

  4. Happy Memorial Day, Cheryl!

    Hope your long weekend was full of remembering the old and creating the new!

  5. Great poem – brings back fun memories.

  6. Thanks, everyone! So glad you enjoyed the poem and that it triggered some fun memories of your own!

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