Summer Photo Fun Is Back!

It’s that time again—Summer Photo Fun is back! The weeks get pretty crazy when my husband is off work between summer school and the fall semester. One way I deal with it is by changing things up a bit here on the blog.

It’s time to take a break from posts that require more focused thought and offer some photos that are fun, unusual, beautiful, or meaningful in some way. Don’t worry, though, I won’t be able to resist offering you a morsel from the Word of God as I end each post. After all, I still want you to be refreshed and nourished when you drop by—though photos and captions can be pretty refreshing and soul-nourishing in themselves, huh?!

To add to the mix, I hope to feature some photos from a few of my artist/photographer friends in the coming weeks as well. Some are friends I know in person, and others are online friends I’ve met through blogging. I feel so blessed to be acquainted with such amazing and creative people. They challenge and inspire me, and I hope they’ll do the same for you.

For today, though, I’m kicking off Summer Photo Fun with the funny and unusual shot I took above. Not often you see a bird and a cat hanging out together, is it? But this is exactly what I spied one morning across the street from us. (Several feet actually separate the roofs, but it’s hard to tell that from this shot.)

Let’s have some fun with this photo. If you had to write a caption for it, what would it be? Let’s see if we can give each other the giggles. Can’t wait to see your suggestions! :)

Hope you enjoy Summer Photo Fun here on the blog—and hope you are enjoying your summer as well!

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven . . . a time to weep and a time to laugh.” Ecclesiastes 3:1, 4a


  1. Bird: Don’t you have a tree to go climb?

  2. Cute, Janice! Indeed, what is this crazy kitty doing on a roof? :)

  3. “You just wait until I’ve had my morning coffee, little birdie!”

    How’s that for a laugh?? Love this idea, Cheryl.

  4. “Dinner is served.”


  5. Laura and Elaine, thanks for playing :) Love how everyone is putting a different spin on it!

  6. So near and yet so far! ; )

  7. This is so cute! He is being so smooth looking like he is up there all of the time!

  8. A very apt caption, Kay! :) Alicia, cats think they’re pretty cool stuff, huh? :)

  9. Neener, neener. (spoken by the bird)

  10. Love it, Jana! :)

  11. “You feelin’ lucky, Kitty?”

    Ha! How fun.

  12. Kirsten, your and Jana’s birdies like to tease! :)

  13. Just got on your blog and saw this. Great shot! You are becoming quite the photographer and a fun idea for your blog.

  14. Thanks, Debbie! I’m sure having fun with my camera. Has proven to be a new creative outlet for me!

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