December Giveaway Winner!

Drum roll, please :) The winner of the December Giveaway (and a copy of The One Year Life Verse Devotional) is… Matthew! Congratulations, Matthew! You should have a message in your inbox from me. I’ll send the book as soon as I get your mailing address. Enjoy!

In this last full week before Christmas, may God bless all of you with quiet, worshipful Christmas moments and inspire you to seek out such moments with Him each and every Christmas season. Be blessed!


  1. Cheryl,

    I don’t remember reading this before. Thanks for sharing it again. It was beautiful!

  2. Debbie, it’s probably just been long enough ago that you forgot ever reading it. So glad you enjoyed it! A slightly revised version of it will probably be the first chapter in my Christmas devotional giftbook.

  3. WOW, I’m so excited!!! I guess I can’t say that ‘I’ve never won anything before!’ anymore :-)

    I didn’t receive your message though, we get so much junk mail on that account that sometimes good messages don’t get through. try


  4. Matthew, so glad entering the giveaway finally made you a contest winner! That’s fun! Thanks for sending the other email address. We’ll make connections soon!

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