Evidence of Pure Delight

This little gal and my nephew Gavin have something wonderful in common — they both know how to freely enjoy an ice cream cone. No inhibitions. No embarrassment. They just dive in and come up smiling, with the evidence of pure delight plastered all over their faces.

I should have a picture of Gavin in all his chocolate glory, but alas, I failed to capture the shot. We traveled to T-town this past week to see one of his ball games before the end of the season, and I dutifully took pictures there. However, when the game was over and we stopped by Braum’s for a celebratory ice cream treat, I left my camera in the car. Big mistake.

Yes, I missed the real photo-op of the night. If I hadn’t been so pooped (this was less than 48 hrs. after all our vacation travels), I would have hot-footed it out to the car, grabbed the camera, and snapped a priceless pic to share with you all. Now you’ll just have to imagine it — sorry! :)

Gavin’s still young enough (7 years old) to throw caution to the wind and eat an ice cream cone the way a playful puppy might. I’m not sure how he managed it, but the chocolate trail on his face went a full 360 degrees around his mouth. What can I say? That boy enjoyed his ice cream! :)

Wouldn’t it be fun if we adults gave ourselves permission to enjoy ice cream — or life in general for that matter — with the same carefree abandon of a little boy? Instead, as we grow up, we grow more reserved, and before you know it, we forget what it’s like to throw caution to the wind, dive in, and come up smiling.

What do you say we give it a try this week? Join me in leaving inhibitions and fear of embarrassment behind. Let’s freely enjoy something we love. Let’s leave a trail of joy in our wake and let our faces shine with the evidence of pure delight. And yes, for some, that might include chocolate!

“…God…richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.” 1 Timothy 6:17b

p.s. So what do you hope to enjoy this week? I’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment and start your trail of joy! :)

Flickr photo by ian.plumb


  1. I’d love an occasion for some pure delight! I’m going to be looking for it. Just this morning, my friend brought by two loaves of her homemade bread; now that’s delight.


  2. Oh yes I agree completely. We are all too stuffy. I love to have fun by dancing and prancing around, but only amidst close family like my husband and son. I will try to “let loose” a little more around others this week.

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