Rainy Season

I don’t know what it’s been like in your corner of the world this past week, but here in the Heartland, we’re starting to gather materials for another ark. No, we haven’t had 40 days and 40 nights of rain yet — it only feels like it. Truth be told, I think we’re just on day eight, but that’s about 7 days in a row too many as far as I’m concerned.

I don’t think I could handle it if we had a true rainy season like many countries experience. Spring in the Midwest is enough for me. Give me a string of rainy days approaching double digits, and I can get pretty whiny. And I’ve noticed I’m not alone. If you hear a collective moan rising from the center of the country, that would be us :) Unfortunately, some have real reason to moan since the spring storms have been severe in some places, causing tornadoes or flooding. Our hearts go out to all of them.

Most of us, however, have just had to endure dark and dreary days, tracked-up kitchen floors, and mad dashes from parking lots to our intended destinations. Just enough, in other words, to make us complain. We tend to forget that it is the rain that makes our lawns and trees a greener green and coaxes flowers into full bloom, adding happy color to our lives. And how can we forget that we need the spring showers to bolster and buffer our earth for the dry days of summer ahead. Yes, we need our rainy season.

Some of us may even be experiencing a different type of rainy season. Some may be enduring dark and dreary days because of illness, loss of various kinds, or a host of other sources of stress and unhappiness. It may feel as if every day brings yet another trial to overcome. Surely none of us need rainy seasons like that.

But don’t those dark times — those days that rain trials — tend to draw us closer to the Lord and help us grow stronger and deeper in Him? Those are the times, in fact, that do lead to new growth and a fuller, more radiant bloom. And as we find that our faith proves God trustworthy time and again, we are bolstered and buffered for whatever lies ahead. We are strengthened. We are matured. Looks like we need those rainy seasons after all…

So until the sun shines again, let’s make God our ultimate destination. Let’s keep making those mad dashes to our Refuge. He’s like no other.

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” James 1:2-4

Flickr photo by net_efekt, Creative Commons License


  1. I’m building an ark, too! I thought we were out of our rainy season, but this weekend and the next couple days say there’s still more to come.

    Certainly we face seasons in our lives where it seems the rain will never stop…or even times when we think the sun will never stop shining. But sooner or later the weather changes.

    It’s a good day for a movie!

  2. Maybe you’ll have some sun today…we do, FINALLY! Seems like it’s been raining all over the place!

    I agree that these rainy times are the perfect time to run to the SON.

    Love to you this day,

  3. “Sooner or later the weather changes”… and “these rainy times are the perfect time to run to the SON”… I love those thoughts, gals! Thanks for adding additional insights!

    The sun is finally shining here today, too, Melinda. We better enjoy it while we can, though. Sounds like the rain will return tomorrow. Good grief :)

  4. As one sitting in the middle of a current deluge (both literally and spiritually speaking), I very much appreciate your post this morning. Thanks, Cheryl, for taking the “everyday” and writing it into something lovely and worth the pondering of my heart.


  5. Keep gathering that gopher wood. The rainbow is coming!

  6. Cheryl I love this post. For me it seemed like all of March and April were snow, snow, snow. I am sick of it. But today I sit and write and I listen to birds singing in the sunshine. Ahhhh…The Lord is God of all weather. Maybe next year I will be able to rejoice, truly rejoice about the snow. We’ll see.

  7. What an encouraging post. Thank you. Did you take the rainy picture yourself? Anyways, hope the sun is shining by now.

  8. Thanks, Cheryl, for reminding us where our umbrella is – in the pages of Scripture.

    Grace & Peace,

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