Fall Family Time

A couple of weeks ago, we enjoyed a wonderful family weekend at my parents’ home, and Thanksgiving week seems like the perfect time to share photos of that special time. As you can see from the shot above, I’m never happier than when my girls are by my side.

We were blessed to have many other family members join us, and we packed a little bit of everything into a couple of days. I hope you enjoy a peek at our time together. I won’t be posting midweek since we’ll all be busy eating turkey, but I hope you enjoy soul-satisfying times with your families this Thanksgiving week!

Kristin and Kelli hit the crafting jackpot when my mom pulled out old quilt squares that had belonged to my grandmother. She had used many of those fabrics to make clothes for my sisters and me. So much fun pointing those out to my girls.

My sister Carolyn and my mom got another project going — making corn bags for any of us that wanted them. So toasty warm straight out of the microwave.

My sister Janice helped hand stitch the ends closed after the bags were filled with corn.

We always find time for silliness around the piano, and this trip was no exception. Kristin is a professional pianist and can even do her thing with a roasted marshmallow in her mouth. And nephews Cody and Gavin are always where the action is :) (Thanks, Dad, for roasting marshmallows for us while we were busy with all our projects!)

I spent some time on the deck taking shots of the gorgeous fall foliage in the afternoon sunlight. I want a backyard view like this someday!


The main men in my life enjoying some deck time — my husband Don, son-in-law Shawn, my dad, and son-in-law Jake.

The weekend wouldn’t be complete without man-handling Gavin :)

The perfect way to end the weekend? The grandkids helped Grandma and Grandpa by putting their Christmas tree up for them!

I am so thankful for the wonderful family time we enjoyed. So thankful for my family. Happy Thanksgiving to all! Enjoy your fall family time!

“May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other . . .” 1 Thessalonians 3:13a

*Check back next week. I have a little giveaway planned to help make someone’s holiday season merrier!


  1. One of my most favorite weekends of all time! It felt like Silver Dollar City was happening right in Grandma and Grandpa’s house! Cleaning/drying corn, making cider, playing games, sewing, cutting fabric squares, eating yummy food, listening and playing music, putting up the Christmas tree – we even got our serpentine belt changed :)

    I love our family!

  2. It was a great weekend. So glad you guys got the tree up for Mom and Dad.

  3. Thanks for posting the photos, Cheryl. You know you could have that backyard view if you could talk Don into it. :) By the way, loved that white sweater Kristin was wearing.

  4. What a lovely view in the back yard!!!! I’m so glad you could enjoy that precious family time together. And funny–I’m sitting with a corn bag right now….love it and they are so helpful for my achy shoulder!


  5. What lovely photos. Your backyard Autumn shots are stunning. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays, because everything revolves around family.

  6. Debbie,
    I might consider possessing that view when I retire from teaching after another 11.5 years, when I’m 70 years old.

  7. I want a back yard like that too!

  8. I thought that I saw a young Dan Quayle in one of the pictures. Then I noticed it was Jake,
    my 2nd year law school student son-in-law. I’ll bet Jake can at least spell POTATOES!

  9. Oh I love this collection! There’s just nothing like family during the holiday season. I appreciated the Fall scenes from the deck, too. It’s my favorite time of year, and these colorful glories best of all.

  10. Cheryl,

    What wonderful photos, and so fun to get a glimpse into your family life. What a treat. Thank you!

    Re your comment on my site, that is crazy that you both mention that book. I looked it up online today as a result, and will seek it out. Thanks. What do you like best about the second book?

    Jennifer Dougan

  11. Jennifer, in the second book (What Difference Do It Make), they give more details that didn’t make it into the first one (Same Kind of Difference as Me), and they also tell stories of some of the people who took action as a result of reading Same Kind. I’m not sure which of those features I liked best. I enjoyed them both! :) (I do think they were probably rushed in getting the second book out. I saw a few mistakes.)

  12. Looks like you all had a great time. Family time is the best. Now, for those of us not “in the know,” what is a corn bag? Sounds intriguing.

  13. Kirsten, a corn bag is simply a fabric bag filled with washed and dried seed corn. You heat it in the microwave for 3 minutes, and it becomes the perfect warmer for your hands, feet, lap, etc. Living in the north, you would love these. I’m permanently attached to mine as soon as it starts getting cold because my hands are always like ice. Give them a try! :)

  14. Fall is my favorite time of year.
    I love the changing of the leaves on the trees.
    Cheryl, I love reading about you family gatherings.
    I love it when my family along with my sibling and their families all gather at my parents home for holidays, etc… Family means so much to me.

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