Shot of Joy

4463360814_88d558d123_zCould anyone use a shot of joy? A fresh infusion of lighthearted spirits and smiles? If so, get in line behind me! :)

Between duties, deadlines, and disappointments, life has a way of bogging us down in seriousness. Even the winter days of the past few months can add to the down feelings we sometimes experience. We need some happy moments each day to help keep us looking up—and to keep us fit to live with, right? :)

Sometimes all it takes is a silly commercial or a clever cartoon to strike our funny bones. Other times we get a needed boost from a sweet card in the mail or an unexpected phone call from a loved one. A day that had been a downer takes a welcome turn all because of one little shot of joy.

Are we doing our parts to be that infusion of joy for someone else? If we ourselves need happy moments each day, are we faithfully dispensing joyful moments to other as well? Maybe it’s time to write that email, bake that special treat, or surprise someone with a little gift. We can even brighten a complete stranger’s day with a kind word or helping hand.

What about our hearts’ deepest needs for refreshment? Are we looking to the ultimate Source of joy to fill that need? Things that we do for one another certainly bring sunshine into our days, but there is a deeper thirst for joy and renewal that only our Creator and Savior can fill.

Let’s meet with God in His Word, in the great outdoors, or in the sanctuary of our hearts and let Him infuse us with His deep and abiding joy. The shot of joy He will give is like no other. It can rise amid tears. It can sustain during drought. It lives in winter. His is the shot of joy that will keep us looking up.

“. . . the joy of the LORD is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10b

*What will you do to share joy with someone this week?

*Flickr photo by Pink Sherbet Photography, Creative Commons License


  1. Oh Cheryl, Amen and Amen! We so need to be blessed and we need to bless others. And it’s cool how if we are the “shot of joy” for someone else, we usually feel a “shot of joy.” Loved this post and thank you!

  2. Thought it said “Shout of Joy” at first! Either way, I can use one today. But I love how you turned it around & asked if we are GIVING a shot of joy to others, too? Good thought, one I need to remember each step I take this day. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This last week we brought a meal to a church family. Beyond food I wanted to bring something from God’s creation, so I gave a bouquet of flowers. It’s something I would have liked myself, they did too.
    Blessings and joy to you!

  4. Ladies, I love how each of your comments are showing a different nuance to this topic of joy. Thank you!

  5. This beautiful picture brings me joy. Thanks for sharing it.


  6. You’re welcome, Elaine. I’m so glad the picture brought you joy!

  7. Reading your posts always bring me joy. I try to say nice things to people as I think of them, rather than keeping the thoughts inside. :)

  8. Thank you, Kirsten! You brought me joy today!

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