Midweek Morsel: God Speaks When He Seems Silent

5771861523_5c38e5529e_zAs children of God, we eventually go through periods when God seems quiet—we might even think of them as desert times. Last fall I shared about just such a period in my life lately. We may wonder why God is being silent, why he is not speaking to our spirits as clearly as in the past.

In truth, God speaks to us even in the silence. For example, at times when I may not hear his voice in my spirit, I still hear him speak through his Word. Also consider what Margaret Feinberg says on this topic in her book The Organic God:

“But as I practice the art of listening to God, I am discovering that he is surprisingly talkative even in the silence. Prayers are not going unanswered as much as he is responding in unexpected ways. . . . His voice is found in the wisdom of friends and spiritual leaders. He whispers through dreams and visions and abundant provision. He speaks through both conscience and conviction and an undeniable sense that some thoughts are more like God-thoughts than my own. He even speaks in the silence.”

So let’s take heart, friends, even when God seems quiet. Let’s listen. Let’s be alert to the unexpected. Our loving Father will indeed speak.

“. . . ‘Speak, LORD, for your servant is listening. . .’” 1 Samuel 3:9

*How has God spoken to you even in the silence?

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  1. Hi Cheryl,

    I agree that God seems to communicate with us in a variety of ways: sometimes through a song, a sermon, a Bible study workbook lesson, a scripture passage, a friend’s wise counsel, his heart calls, seeing something special in nature or a private joke sometimes even. He is a sweet God, and yet I think it will take our lifetimes to “figure” him out, as much as our finite minds can. :) Fun adventure though.

    Jennifer Dougan

    • Hi Jennifer, thanks for mentioning so many great examples of how God can speak to us. And I’m like you — learning about God is a lifetime adventure for sure. Many blessings to you, friend!

  2. Friends, wise friends, often point out to me the ways God is working or speaking in my life. Books also . . . I’ll be reading something and BAM! It is exactly what I was seeking. I also pay attention to “coincidences”, which have been called “God’s way of remaining anonymous”.

    It is a continual challenge to pay attention and find the ways God is at work in my life and around me. Never bored, never boring. . .

    • Amazing, isn’t it, Jana, the different ways God speaks to us? I, too, love how God brings something across my reading path that speaks directly to what I’m going through or what I’m asking him direction for. And yes, here’s to paying attention!

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