Praying for the President

My post will be brief today. Unfortunately my mother-in-law re-entered the hospital just two short days after her dismissal with another episode of congestive heart failure related to her renal failure. As always, we appreciate your prayers on our behalf, but on this President’s Day weekend, I also want to urge you to remember to pray for the current leader of our nation, President Obama.

Shortly after his election, I told you about The Presidential Prayer Team in my Nov. 5th post. Today I want to pass along news about another vital prayer team for President Obama that my friend Melinda kicked off in January — the Changing One Heart for Many pro-life blogger prayer team. Members of this team commit to pray for President Obama each Monday asking God to change his heart on the subject of abortion (you decide the length of your commitment). Please read Melinda’s Jan. 21st post for details about the team and other information on this important topic. The “Changing One Heart for Many” button on my sidebar will also take you directly to Melinda’s post introducing the effort.

I pray that you’ll consider joining Melinda, me, and, as of last count, nearly 200 others in earnestly pleading with God to change one heart — one heart that could have a life-altering impact on so many others. Even if you’re just a blog reader and don’t actively blog yourself, hop on over and read Melinda’s Sunday posts for updates, info, and the prayer we can pray jointly for President Obama each Monday.

Won’t you answer the challenge? Won’t you enter the fray? Remember, our prayers can make a difference!

“The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord; he directs it like a watercourse wherever he pleases.” Proverbs 21:1

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  1. This is wonderful, Cheryl! Thanks so much for your active commitment to this effort!

    Blessings to you and yours (I’m praying!) this night,

  2. Cheryl:
    Lost my last comment. I don’t know what’s up with blogger but it’s making me mad.

    Anyway, joined up with Melinda and others early on. Blesses my heart to know that others are praying alongside.

    peace in your week~elaine

  3. Praying with you on all counts, my friend.

  4. Lifting your mother-in-lw in prayer now as well as you and your family.

    Thanks for the presidential prayer info.


  5. Cheryl, I continue to pray for your mother-in-law’s health. I know it is very trying. May the Lord bless each of you with His strength and power.

    I love the idea of many hearts praying for one. I will definitely visit Melinda’s link.

    Blessings to you,

  6. Cheryl, I’m sorry to hear about your Mother in law and will immediately lift her before the Lord now…

    I have been praying both with the Presidential Team but also as the Holy Spirit leads with regards to President Obama and his administration particularly on the subject of LIFE. He/they indeed need a heart change toward what is pleasing to God and so I stand with all of you in praying as well.

    May our God be glorified in all of our lives.

  7. Yes! I’m with you, Cheryl.


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