Unlikely Wedding Supply: Bungee Cords!


Bungee cords for a wedding? You bet! As you and your daughter plan her décor and gather the supplies, add some unlikely bungee cords to your list. Take my word for it, they may prove to be the solution to a decorating dilemma.

Bungee cords are perfect for securing tulle—or any other fabric—to columns, posts, or poles in desperate need of decoration. At my daughter Kelli’s wedding party venue, we had to contend with three support columns spaced across reception hall. The only way to make it work was to dress them up and make them part of the décor.

We knew that tulle could do the trick, and the venue’s event coordinator passed along the bungee cord tip. They could accommodate both a streamlined or a looser look. Lucky for us, my husband just happened to have bungee cords on hand amongst his Grand Canyon biology field trip supplies. I guess that’s one time it paid to have a biology teacher filling the role of Father of the Bride, huh? :)

Be prepared for anything, Mother of the Bride—add bungee cords to your list!

Flickr photo by srqpix

*What other unlikely decorating supplies should MOBs add to their lists?


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