Wedding Card Box Idea: A Hatbox!


Looking for another wedding card box idea, Mother of the Bride? If your daughter would rather step outside a wedding theme (like the wedding cake card box), why not suggest a pretty hatbox for collecting the cards?

When my daughter Kristin got married, I asked her groom’s mother if she would like to be in charge of providing the card box. My sister Debbie had provided one for her son’s wedding so I thought it would be a nice way to include Shawn’s mom—plus relieve us of one more task at the same time. Smart, huh? :)

Even though Linda admitted to not be very arts and craftsy (I’m not either), she happily agreed to take on the task. Like I often did during my wedding planning days, she recruited the help of a friend, and they came up with the hatbox card box pictured above. So clever and pretty!

To make the hatbox idea work for a wedding, just incorporate the wedding colors on the box as well as some gorgeous flowers and pretty ribbon. Add a corded handle and personalize with the bride and groom’s name, and you’re set. Won’t  it make an attractive and unique addition to the gift table?

Hope the hatbox idea works for you and your daughter, MOB—and if you’re lucky, the groom’s mom will work for you, too! :)

*What unique card box ideas have you seen at other weddings?

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