Midweek Morsel: The Treasure of Friendship

My best friends for nearly 30 and 25 years respectively (Teri on the left, Jeneal on the right).

Helen Keller, who had both sight and hearing taken from her early in life, can teach us much about the treasure of friendship as well as about focusing on the good in life. She had this to say:

“When I recollect the treasure of friendship that has been bestowed upon me, I withdraw all charges against life. If much has been denied me, much, very much has been given me. So long as the memory of certain beloved friends lives in my heart I shall say that life is good.”

If we possess the treasure of good friends, we are rich indeed, aren’t we? I count you, dear blog readers, among my friends. Thanks for enriching my life!

“I thank my God every time I remember you.” Philippians 1:3

*Who are you remembering and thanking God for today?


  1. As an only child, I always felt a little cheated when I saw others with their siblings. My elder sister died at birth, so I longed for a sister. God, however, has brought sisters of the heart into my life.

    And I am oh so grateful. They are the true riches of life.

  2. I truly treasure my friends too, Cheryl. Blogging has been an amazing journey of discovery for me, and I feel blessed by the amazing people I have ‘met’ online.
    What is wonderful about true friendship, is that it never matters how many years you may not have seen one another, once you reconnect it is like those years of separation never happened. I experience this so many times when I return home to Ireland.
    Thanks again for a lovely Midweek Morsel.

  3. Judith, yes, friends can be just like sisters to us. So glad the Lord blessed you with sisters of the heart!

    Mairead, it is indeed amazing to think of the connections and friendships we make online — a whole new realm of friendship. And I’m so glad you enjoy sweet reunions with your friends and loved ones when you go home to Ireland. Not only time but an ocean can’t separate you from them either!

  4. I’m so blessed to still have two friends from elementary school! We’ve been friends for over 50 years!

    I’m also thankful for the many friends I’ve made through writing and speaking. I can’t imagine my life without friends like YOU!

  5. Vonda, I’m thankful for you and all my writing friends, too. We need each other! So great to hear about the friendship you’re still enjoying with some friends from elementary school. Can’t beat life-long friends!

  6. This is such a great photo!!

  7. Thanks, Kristin! I’m so glad we thought to take a photo. Not many opportunities like that when all three of us are together.

  8. Friends are such a dear blessing!

  9. Indeed they are, Emily. Thanks for your online friendship. Maybe we’ll get to meet one day — for sure in heaven! :)

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