Time for an Update

I admit it. I’m past due with a report. If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you may be wondering how my husband’s mother is doing now. I’d say it’s time for an update — and what better time to do it than in these days leading up to Mother’s Day.

As you may remember, Don’s mom endured a life-threatening health crisis during the first few months of last year. She has only one kidney, and it’s been failing for the past several years. No one thought she could pull out of last year’s crisis, but she surprised us all — again. She made it out of the hospital, and the kidney slowly began to rebound. Her kidney function remained worse than before the crisis, but at least it stabilized.

And now? I’m happy to report that she’s doing fairly well (knock on wood!). She goes to the hospital every week day for a fluid infusion to help keep the kidney working, but over the past few months her lab work shows that the kidney function is losing ground. Since it’s unable to filter out potassium the way it should, the doctor has put her on a low potassium diet to protect against danger for her heart when those levels get too high. The diet is working, and even though her health situation is not good, we’re thankful that she’s stable.

So there you have it. My overdue update. How about you? Is it time for an update to some of your friends or family members? Life stays so crazy busy, it’s easy to lose touch with one another. Don’t leave your loved ones in the dark. Call them, write them, go see them… There’s no better time than now!

“Do your best to come to me quickly” 2 Timothy 4:9

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*One more note: Elaine Olsen, one of my blogging friends whose name you’ll recognize if you ever read comments here, is celebrating the release of her first book, peace for the journey – in the pleasure of his company, this week. Congratulations, Elaine!


  1. Thanks for the update on Don’s mom. I remember her being gravely ill last year and praying for her then. How glad I am she is with you this Mother’s Day. Thanks, also, for the plug on the book. This has been an incredible work of affirmation and love from the blogging community, and I count it a joy to call you my friend.


  2. I was actually thinking about that today. I kept telling myself to ask for an update Sunday if you make it. THEN my mom called and has arranged for the whole McCoy clan (mom’s side of the family) to meet up in Ponca City for a reunion later this month! I haven’t seen most of them in 10 years! Seems your article came along at the right time for me! Thanks!

  3. Grandma is a pretty amazing lady!

  4. i’m dreading the time that olli and i have to go through this with our parents. we’ve talked about it, and we both get really choked up.

    our parents are so important. and we waste so much time thinking we know more than them…

  5. Thanks for the update…what a sweet smile she has.

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