Wedding Décor Tip: Adorn the Church with Pew Bows

Church prepared for wedding

Mother of the Bride, when it comes to adding beauty to your daughter’s ceremony site, don’t overlook the power of a pretty pew bow. Simply attaching a bow to the end of the pew or row of seats is one way to help transform the normal everyday look of the church’s sanctuary into a place announcing the joy of the day, a place prepared for the beauty that will walk down its aisle.

You can purchase pre-made pew bows (be sure to catch them on sale), or better yet, ask an experienced bow-making friend or family member for her help. When my oldest daughter Kristin got married, one of her bridesmaids made the bows for us. We supplied the ribbon (purchased on sale, of course!), and she supplied the expertise and hands-on help. (Thanks, Chandi!)

And here are two bonus savings tips: 1) Only use the bows on every other aisle. Not only will this help cut expense, it will prevent an overdone look. 2) Also, knowing that our younger daughter might have need of them someday, we gathered the bows after Kristin’s wedding so I could save them for Kelli’s—and use them we did! 

So MOB, whether satin or sheer, whether white or one of the wedding colors, use pew bows to adorn the church with an extra touch of beauty. Remember, a simple addition like this can make a big difference!

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*Flickr photo by Eusebius@Commons, Creative Commons License

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