Wedding Table Décor: Add Pizzazz with Confetti


Mother of the Bride, would you be interested in a simple and inexpensive way to add pizazz to the tabletops at your daughter’s wedding reception? I thought so. I haven’t met an MOB yet who’s not ready to grab hold of a simple and inexpensive idea and run with it!

One of the fastest, simplest, and least expensive ways to add sparkle to the tables at the reception is to scatter a little confetti. There are lots of options to choose from. You can use classic confetti in one of your daughter’s wedding colors, or if she has used a theme of some sort for the big celebration, you might be able to find something that would complement it perfectly. For example, if she has a beach theme, you might be able to find seashell confetti. Of course, many confetti styles are designed especially for weddings so those can be fun, too. We used the tiny little hearts above for my daughter Kristin’s wedding.

If you’re concerned that confetti might not look elegant enough for a wedding, never fear—you  can use confetti and still retain a classic and sophisticated look. Just be sure to use a light touch. Now is not the time to overdo with décor. You want to employ balance as you decorate to achieve the greatest beauty. All it takes is a little confetti scattered here and there to add a little color or sparkle to the myriad of white tablecloths spanning the reception hall.

So, MOB, check with your bride-to-be and see if she’d like to add some pizzazz with confetti. It’s just one more way to make the day—and the party—shine!

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*Flickr photo by Chris Humphrey

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