Preparing to Decorate: Reception Venue Visit

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Mother of the Bride, one vital step in your wedding decorations preparation is to visit the reception venue site. You probably visited it early-on with your daughter as you decided which venue to select, but now you need to go back and carefully survey everything with an eye for decorating.

Here are some things to take with you when you visit:

*The bride – this is her party, and you definitely need her input. Your job is to help bring her vision of the event to fruition. As you visit the site together, you’ll both have ideas, and you’ll be able to decide together which ideas to implement. Also, two sets of eyes are always better than one in spotting potential problem areas and making sure those are addressed before you arrive to decorate.

*Questions for the venue’s event coordinator – when you make your appointment to visit, make sure the event coordinator will be on hand so you can ask questions and also gain his or her insight and advice what they’ve seen work well there before. Take time to compile a list of questions before you go so you’re not trying to think off the top of your head. If you see any problems or things you’d like fixed or done differently than their norm, speak up and ask. They will generally try to be accommodating if at all possible.

*Your MOB folder or notebook/journal – as you make your way through wedding planning, you’ll keep a folder and/or notebook of all the info and plans you’re accumulating. You may need some of that info as you talk with the venue’s event coordinator or as you brainstorm decorating ideas with your daughter. Be sure to take this all-important MOB folder/notebook with you. It will also give you a place to make notes during your appointment.

*Camera – pictures of the site will be invaluable after the appointment since more ideas will come to you and your daughter later on. Pictures of the site will help you decide how to best carry them out. Also be sure to capture a shot of the two of you during this stop on your wedding-planning journey. You’ll be so glad you documented this once-in-a-lifetime journey together.

*Tape measure – this is the time to record vital statistics like how long banisters or mantles are or how many feet of lights you’ll need. Measure everywhere, even if you’re not sure you’ll decorate a certain area. For example, if you ultimately decide to string lights around the windows, you’ll have the measurements you need.

So MOB, head out for your venue appointment armed with these items, and you’ll not only have a successful planning day, you’ll have fun with your daughter as well. Another win-win on the wedding front, right?

*Can you think of other items that would be helpful?

*Our photo, taken not at Kelli’s reception venue, but on one of our planning days nonetheless :)

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