Wedding Day Photo Idea: The Groom and Minister

groom and minister

Looking for some Wedding Day photo ideas especially for the groom, Mother of the Bride? It’s a fact of wedding life that the groom takes a back seat to the bride when it comes to photos that feature just one or the other. Truth be told, grooms are probably fine with this, but why not suggest a few shots to your photographer especially of the groom? He deserves star treatment, too, right?

One great idea is to capture a candid or private moment between the groom and minister on Wedding Day. All kinds of possibilities abound for minister and groom shots, but candid shots can end up being especially artsy.

I love the shot above of my son-in-law Shawn and the minister—who just happens to be my brother-in-law Keith—as they prepare to take their places for the ceremony. I love that it’s just the two of them and that Keith is holding his Bible and that it’s a picture of Shawn walking into a new life. A photo full of meaning.

Add this shot to your list for the photographer, MOB. Everyone will be glad you did!

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*Photo by Chris Humphrey Photography

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