Centerpiece Idea: Flower Ring and Candle


Are you and your daughter thinking about table décor yet, Mother of the Bride? Fresh flowers make gorgeous centerpieces for any wedding reception, but they can also be rather costly since you’ll need so many. If you’re trying to keep expenses down, you might like to try an alternative.

For my oldest daughter Kristin’s wedding, my good friend Teri came to the rescue and helped us craft beautiful centerpieces using silk flowers (see photo above). If you’ve priced silk flowers, you know they can be pricey as well, but Teri helped us make the most of the flowers we purchased. By the way, I would have been lost without her help. You see, I am severely craft-challenged :)

Since Kristin’s colors were blue and yellow, we bought beautiful blue hydrangeas and tiny yellow roses. Teri pulled the hydrangeas apart and fashioned full-bodied candle rings out of them with her trusty glue gun. To add the yellow accent, she then did the same with the yellow roses, making a smaller and more delicate ring to place on top of the hydrangea ring. The result was perfect.

To complete the centerpiece, we used blue pillar candles and inexpensive hurricanes and crystal-like glass candle holders. We then set the centerpieces on little clouds of shimmering blue tulle. Candlelight added the crowning touch to our table décor, making our tables—and the entire room—look absolutely stunning. All of this for $10 or under per centerpiece, thanks to coupons, sales, and the help of a devoted friend—which, of course, was priceless.

Maybe something like this can work for your daughter’s wedding, MOB. I just hope you have a friend as artistic and helpful as Teri!

*Do you know what your daughter has in mind for centerpieces yet? If not, maybe you can start the conversation by showing her this post.


  1. Very pretty. I don’t even remember what we used at our wedding.

  2. Hi Cheryl, I love your candle sconces with the hydrangea and rose flowers. Do you recall where you purchased the glass sconces?
    Thank you, Mary Helen

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