A Christmas Treasure

Remember how some of my holiday decorations are Christmas books? One in particular is becoming more of a treasure with each passing year. It’s my Christmas journal. (Yes, I have yet another journaling project. Some of you may remember me telling you about my gratitude journal.)

I found this journal by Brownlow back in 2003 and have recorded the most special moments of my Christmas seasons in it ever since. I loved it so much I bought a few others to give as gifts and hope those who received them are enjoying theirs as much as I do mine.

I thought you might enjoy reading one of my journal entries so I selected one from 2005 that tells about a holiday “first” for us. It’s not fancy writing, just off the cuff, but hope you enjoy anyway:

“Another first happened this Christmas season — we reached out in friendship to a CCC international student. I met “K” earlier this fall through the Match program at CCC. As we are developing a friendship, it is my hope and prayer to help her in her spiritual journey…

A little over a week before Christmas, we spent the evening with K, first bringing her to our home to see our tree and decorations and then out to Pizza Hut.

I shared with her my joy in having the house decorated for Christmas and told her the history behind some of our cherished Christmas items. Before we left for Pizza Hut, I told her I had a little surprise for her and pulled a gift out from under the tree. She was so excited and happy. She said that in Japan they don’t have presents under their Christmas trees, and it has always been her dream to have a present under a Christmas tree! I was so glad that I had that gift for her!

Inside the gift I placed something that I hope will help lead her to Christ. It was a little book called The Message of Hope — excerpts of scripture from The Message Bible… I’m thankful Christmas provided the opportunity for me to give her a most precious gift — the Word of God.

K had never been to our Pizza Hut. We thoroughly enjoyed our time together. As we left, I asked her if she would like to go light-looking, and she was thrilled. Since she doesn’t have a car, she hadn’t seen many of the light displays.

We ended our evening with a warm hug as I told her, “I love you, sugar”. She said, “I love you, too!” She stood on the sidewalk in the cold — without a coat — and waved as we drove away. What a special opportunity God has given us to share our — and His — love with K.”

Questions for you: Do you keep a Christmas journal? Do you have a Christmas “first” you’d like to share?

“Remember the wonders He has done…” 1 Chronicles 16:12a

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  1. How lovely! No, I don’t keep a journal dedicated to Christmas memories. They’re crammed into the nooks and crannies of my brain, though.

    Christmas firsts…Some are wonderfully happy like our first Christmas as grandparents. Little M was 9 mos old–just big enough to get his hands on the lowest branches of the Christmas tree and to be captivated by the sparkling lights.

    Some are sad like the Christmas following our son’s death. We did a lot of “firsts” that year to make the occasion easier on our hearts. And Christmas 2006 was our first time to wish our other son, D, Merry Christmas over the cell phone with him on the other side of the world.

    But how joyous it is when we are all together like our first Christmas vacation last year when we all met at a cabin in the mountains. It was three days of heaven for me. All 11 of us in one house filled with giggles and food and good night kisses.

    Merry Christmas, Cheryl!


  2. Love your story Cheryl.

  3. What a great idea to journal about Christmas. I love that!

    Thank you for sharing your journal entry with us. Sounds like a great evening and one that “K” I’m sure will never forget……

  4. No, I don’t keep one, but I’m feeling quite guilty at the moment that I haven’t; what a great idea Cheryl! Perhaps I can start one with the days remaining and the years to come.


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