7 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self


I hate to admit it, but later this summer I’ll be celebrating a pretty big birthday. Big, that is, as in the number attached to it. I’ll let you guess which one, but suffice it to say, it could rock my emotional world if I let it. Instead, if I start taking a proactive approach now, maybe it will bring me as much joy as my last milestone birthday did. Yes, that’s a much better option, isn’t it?

With that in mind and in honor of turning older (and hopefully wiser) when August rolls around, I decided to write a list of things I’ve learned or am still learning. Maybe one of these tidbits of wisdom-gained-through-experience will benefit someone in some way. That’s my hope and prayer anyway.

So in no particular order and knowing it will definitely not be a comprehensive run-down of every lesson I’ve picked up over the course of my life, here are seven things I’d tell my younger self. Seven things I’d want to know deep down in my soul and live out in my life:

1. Know that God loves you just because you’re his. You don’t have to perform a certain way to earn his favor or stay in his good graces.

2. Be spontaneous and take more time to play—with your kids, with your husband and friends, and even by yourself. Let love and memories trump to-do lists every time.

3. Avoid extremes in almost every area of life and seek God’s wisdom at all times.

4. Grant grace to others when they fail and give yourself grace as well.

5. Nurture your marriage by dating regularly, even when time and money are in short supply. Make your marriage a priority.

6. Guard your health, time, and personal welfare by saying no to certain requests or activities. Don’t be a people pleaser or let yourself be guilted into things that aren’t good for you or your family. And then allow others to do the same.

7. Trust in God with all your heart, come what may. Trust in his perfect timing and plans.

Did you see anything here that strikes a chord with you? Something you’ve already learned or need to learn? Remember, this is not a comprehensive list and truth be told, almost all of these things are still a work in progress for me. But that’s okay. We’re all works in progress, aren’t we? Let’s be grateful for the progress we’ve made!

“being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6

*What would you tell your younger self?

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  1. A great list. I agree with all of these !

  2. Yes, a great list for sure. One thing I would say to my younger self is, “Look for the good in everyone.” Not doing that earlier has caused life-long hardships. Yes, we have grace through the blood of Jesus, but that doesn’t change the consequences of our poor choices. :-(

    • Vonda, love your “look for the good in everyone” addition to the list. Makes me think of another very similar one I’ve tried to learn to do – give people the benefit of the doubt. Sorry for the sadness over earlier choices. Some lessons learned are painful for sure.

  3. What a wonderful list, Cheryl. I too will reach a milestone this year – my half century, but onwards and upwards I believe and I’m looking forward to all that life has in store. I think I would tell my younger self to pause and take it all in, to stop rushing through life, and to savor each and every moment.

  4. Oh Mairead, I love what you’d tell your younger self. That’s definitely another thing I would add to my list. I love your positive outlook, too. Happy Half Century later this year! :)

  5. Mostly what you said, Cheryl. Also, Vonda, if there were a like button, I’d hit it. I hit the “half century” (do you have to say it that way? :-)) a while back. Now I look back in awe and wonder what it would feel like to be that young.

    I’d tell my younger self not to take it so hard when people belittle my faith. I didn’t know the truth until the Lord chose to tell me–no superiority on my part.

    • Pat, thanks for adding another great lesson to the list of things that we’d like to tell our younger selves. By the way, I hit the half-century mark a while back, too :) Thanks so much for stopping by and adding to the conversation!

  6. I REALLY like this list. #6 in particular strikes a chord….oh how that needs to start being something I learn. I’m not sure how yet, but I do know God has put that on my heart to teach me

    • Emily, so glad you enjoyed these lessons I’ve learned and am continuing to learn. #6 is definitely a challenging one to implement. Will be praying for you as you follow God’s lead to learn how to do this. Blessings!

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