Engagement Photo Idea: Playground Fun


Mother of the Bride, here’s a great engagement photo idea if your daughter and future son-in-law are a playful and fun-loving couple: a little playground fun! Not every couple would enjoy this adventure or look natural in the shots, but you know your girl and her guy—could they pull it off?

My daughter Kelli and her love Jake pulled off playground shots with ease. If there’s adventure or fun to be had, they’re right in the middle of it. If your sweet couple lives life likewise, have your daughter suggest playground shots to their photographer.

Slipper slides or swings, monkey bars or rope swing, whatever is handy will do. Be sure to request shots in both color and black and white. Sometimes black and white takes a photo to a whole new level of awesome.

So MOB, pass along this super-fun idea. Bet it will wind up on the photo table at the reception!

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*Photo by Will Flowers

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