Marching Orders

March on, my soul; be strong!” Judges 5:21b

I saw this verse this past week in one of Beth Moore’s blog posts. She was sharing scriptures about marching since it’s the month of March, and I fell in love with these simple yet powerful words instantly: “March on, my soul; be strong!”

Just reading or saying those precious words from the Word of God seems to infuse my soul with His encouragement and strength. I think most of us probably feel the need for such encouragement on a daily basis as we face the challenges of life, but there are times when the need for fresh strength is almost overwhelming.

Are you faced with a difficult road to travel this month? Do fear and uncertainty loom ahead? Maybe the road is a continuation of an already difficult journey, and no end is in sight. Whatever the case, let’s allow the breath of heaven — the Word of God — to give us our marching orders and the strength to carry them out. Let’s march on!

“Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage.” Psalm 84:5

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  1. A powerful word, indeed! Thanks for sharing.


  2. March on! What a great reminder to just keep keepin’ on. :)

  3. I’m marching with you, sister in Christ!! Needed that reminder this morning as I AGAIN tackle a nasty “writer’s knot” (from an article in the “Writer” magazine this month!) in my manuscript. I want to be in His army, not out there by myself!

  4. Very encouraging and was something I needed to hear this week. Thanks

  5. Yes! Good words. I will make them my own this month!

  6. Hey ladies, I’m so glad this verse from the Word of God was an encouragement to you. Marching on with you!

  7. WOW. You are quite the encourager, Cheryl. I’m glad to know you!


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