Early Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving came to our house early a few days ago. A dreaded day came and went. Went better than we ever imagined, in fact. And I’m still thanking God.

We found out a couple of months ago that Don’s mother, who has several serious health problems, needed to have nine or ten teeth pulled as well as some other procedures. Now this would be a big deal for anyone, but for someone whose health is a delicate balancing act, the potential of her world being rocked loomed before us. Add to that her general fear of going to the dentist, and we just didn’t know what might happen.

D-day was Thursday. In spite of the pre-op drugs, she was still plenty nervous. (And who could blame her?) While I settled in with a writing project I brought from home, the receptionist promised to keep me posted. At one point when I heard her coughing and gagging, I had my doubts if they’d be able to get everything accomplished. She managed to hang in there, though, and over two hours later, they wheeled her out, her poor little mouth stuffed with gauze.

I didn’t waste any time getting her back to her assisted living home where an RN and other staff members were on hand to take care of her. As we waited for the pain to set in, imagine our surprise when every time we called or went to check on her for the next couple of days, she was doing just fine. It has been nothing short of amazing.

So yes, we had an early Thanksgiving. I’m thankful the surgery went smoothly, thankful she has been virtually pain-free, thankful she didn’t take any falls while woozy from the drugs, thankful for the staff on hand to care for her, thankful that her world has not been rocked — and yes, I have to admit that I’m thankful that since things went so well for her, my life has been less complicated than it would have been if things had gone differently. God has been good to us. How I thank Him!

Anyone else have reason for early thanksgiving? Jeremiah 30:19 says, “From them will come songs of thanksgiving and the sound of rejoicing…” Did God bless you in a special way last week? Please share it with us. May songs of thanksgiving and the sound of rejoicing ever flow from our lips!

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  1. Just blogged about my early Thanksgiving! So glad to hear that your mother-in-law is doing so well – God is good, isn’t He?!


  2. Lots to be thankful for…my 100 year old great-grandmother is recovering nicely from surgery to repair her broken hip, my baby is sleeping through the night, I have amazing friends and family, I got a good deal on a new carseat…the list goes on and on.

    Hi Cheryl. I’ve been reading for a while (Kristin gave me the link), but wanted to post today. I enjoy reading you!

  3. Grace.

    Enough reason to be thankful anyday.


  4. Hey gals, thanks for kicking off the Thanksgiving comments! We have so much to be thankful for, don’t we?

    Jessica, what a special treat to hear from you! So glad Kristin helped you find my blog and that you’re enjoying reading. I’ve enjoyed seeing some pictures of your sweet baby girl over on Facebook — what a little doll!!

  5. God is so good. I’m glad to hear all went well for your mother-in-law.

    I am thankful for good health, and for miracles, big and small, that God keeps throwing my way. Praise Him!

  6. Thanks, Renae. I know what you mean about miracles. I feel like it was a miracle that that things went so smoothly for Don’s mom! I hope all is well with your dad and that God continues to bring healing to him.

  7. Your loved one received a miracle from the Most High God!

    Early Thanksgiving for me was visiting with extended family all weekend.

  8. That is good news about Frances! I have been thanking God several times a day this week that I don’t have any broken bones from falling flat on my face onto the cement patio after tripping on our dogs leash. It could have been much more serious than my black and blue face. Thank you God!

  9. Oh, yes! God answered a prayer concerning one of my children last week. The answer was nothing short of miraculous.

    Thank you, Jesus!


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