It Must Be Fall

I’ve decided it must finally be fall. This past week signs of that glorious cooler season rushed in all at once — and not a minute too soon. After all, it’s nearly the last day of September.

How can I tell that fall finally arrived? Well, here’s what happened around here:

It must be fall at my house because:

1. I had to break down and wear shoes instead of sandals to church the other day. I didn’t want to, but common sense prevailed :)

2. I chose jeans instead of capris for the first time this season. Thank goodness the jeans still fit :)

3. I put the electric blanket on the bed. Can’t stand getting cold at night. Panic sets in quickly if the electric blanket goes on the blink.

4. I spotted some gold leaves on a neighbor’s tree. Since our big tree got butchered this summer (my husband calls it “trimmed back”), I’ll see very few leaves turning colors in our yard. Darn!

5. For the past few days, I’ve been wearing sweat pants instead of shorts for my comfy at-home pants. Thank goodness comfy pants are available for every season, right?

6. I actually heated up my corn bag the other day to warm up my hands. Before long, the trusty corn bag will be my constant companion. Just ask my family :)

7. It finally felt cool enough to justify getting my fall decorations out. It’s just not right to have fall decor up when the only cool air we can find is coming from the air conditioner.

8. I had to wear a jacket when I headed out the door the other morning. Okay, so it was only for a few minutes, but still… :)

9. I pulled my houseshoes out of the closet the other evening when my feet finally got too cold for flip flops. Sure wish someone would invent flip-flops that could keep our feet as warm as real shoes… Electric flip-flops, anyone?? :)

and the ultimate sign that it must be fall:

10. I left my oven door open after baking something the other day. I love standing and toasting next to any kind of heat source. Yes, I’m almost always cold. Even my hot flashes aren’t that hot. I call them warm flashes :)

More signs of the season will be coming soon, I’m sure. These are just the ones that unfolded this past week. What about you? How can you tell when it’s fall at your house?

Hope you all enjoy some beautiful autumn days in the coming weeks. Let them remind you of the Creator of it all!

“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” Genesis 1:31a

*p.s. Thought of something else I did this week that should have made the list. I checked my supply of mini marshmallows. Gotta be ready to make hot chocolate soon! :)

*Flickr photo by Jesse Kruger, Creative Commons License


  1. it’s in the 30’s in the morning. autumn has arrived in full swing.

    luckily, i have a little 8 pound radiator that i get to carry around everywhere and sleep with every night. and he smells like milk. :)

  2. Love the photo! Sadly it doesn’t feel like fall here yet in sunny California… We just had a heatwave come in this week. It WAS looking like fall and then BAM over 100 degree weather set in. I’m soooooooo ready for Fall and my corn bag (if I can find it), my sweats (if I can still fit in them) and mini marsh’s sound YUM.

    PS My Hot flashes…..are HOTTTTT! (smile)

    Enjoy your Fall, I hope to be joining you in that soon!


  3. Fall here – blankets for soccer games, hot chocolate in hand – fall is my favorite season!

  4. You’re precious. I can just see you rubbing your hands together in front of the open door of your oven. The fall weather is spectacular!

  5. Ah, yes! We had our first taste of fall this week, too. Until last weekend we were still averaging above 90.

    I had my first cup of hot tea since last winter. Christmas Mint, yummy!

    I, too, pulled out my jeans and my fur-lined slippers.

    My hubby and I bought a bushel of fresh apples, too. I put some in the freezer, made some applesauce, and this weekend I’ll make an apple brown sugar tart. My hubby loves it.

    Happy Fall!


  6. Sounds like winter to me.

  7. And pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks. You forgot that one as well.

    When you get a moment, head over to NC and pull out my decorations, will you? I haven’t a clue where they are, nor the energy to do anything more than think about them!


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