Love That Propels

Mother love is a powerful thing, isn’t it? It’s a force you don’t want to mess with or get in the way of when a mom’s on a mission. I’d do just about anything –and have — for the two girls pictured above. My daughters. My babies.

I could tell you about the time I drove across a flooded highway trying to get to Kristin (the one on the left) when she was in college and desperately needed me. I know, of course, that it was a crazy and dangerous thing to do, but what can I say… she needed me. And my love for her propelled me.

Today, though, since it’s Kelli’s birthday, I thought I’d tell you the most recent tale of how love for her propelled me into a shopping quest that dominated our vacation days. I never planned it that way, but what can I say… she asked, and I responded :)

Kristin and Shawn got to go to Colorado with us last month, but not Kelli. She couldn’t get away from work, and we all felt bad about it. When she called one day early in vacation week to see what we were up to, Kristin innocently asked her if there was anything she’d want us to shop for. Kelli thought for a minute and then said she’d kind of like to have some turquoise. Nothing too expensive, but she had been wanting some.

That’s all it took. As soon as I heard her request, I morphed into a female version of Indiana Jones on a quest — not for a famous artifact, but for the undescribed piece of turquoise jewelry my youngest daughter had alluded to. Everywhere we went, I kept my eyes peeled for turquoise, taking time to go in every shop that held the remotest possibility of harboring my elusive purchase.

Kristin hung in there with me most of the week, giving me her opinion and modeling necklace after necklace. I managed to draw Don and Shawn into the search a few times, but they did their best to avoid it when they could. By the end of the week, I grew desperate because the only thing I’d found that I truly thought she’d like was priced around $250 — and it was on sale for 75% off! A real deal, yes, but still too steep for me.

The last day of our trip, after hiking the McCullough Gulch trail (the one I wrote about in my Backdrop of Beauty post), we were all pretty well exhausted and in need of a rest before packing up to head home the next morning. I, however, couldn’t rest. My turquoise mission was still not accomplished. I knew I had to keep looking. The only place left to look was nearby Frisco — and I was taking Don with me :)

The only thing that kept this travel weary, hike-worn body going was pure love. Yes, love for my youngest daughter propelled me onward. I wish I could tell you that I struck gold — or should I say turquoise — in Frisco, but I didn’t. I just couldn’t find anything that I thought would suit her taste (unless you want to count the Harry & David truffles I bought for her at the outlets in Silverthorne!).

So even though I ultimately failed in my turquoise mission, the love that propelled me all week stayed strong. Just ask my family. They are my witnesses. No one could have tried harder than I did.

Like I said earlier, mother love is a powerful thing. About the only thing that can outdo it is the love of God. His love for us propels Him, too. He loves us so much He took on a body of flesh and came all the way to earth to make His purchase. And He didn’t let the high price stop Him the way I did. He came. He paid the price. He accomplished His mission.

Love for us still propels the Father. He moves. He acts on our behalf. He loves us. Just ask me. I’m a witness.

“Come and see what God has done, how awesome his works in man’s behalf!” Psalm 66:5

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  1. How true! Jimmy and I are planning a trip half way to Springfield to meet our son Drew to deliver him a vacuum. What can I say? What can you say? What can any of us say? It’s the strong unending bond of a parent.

  2. I can honestly say that I have never felt a love so strong as I have with my beautiful Amelia. It’s a love that you never expect to feel the way it does.

    Great picture of you and your girls. :)

  3. Oh, we have the greatest – inexpensive – turquoise and silver jewelry all over the place down here! Come see me and we’ll shop for Kelli together. ;-)

  4. Thank you, Jesus, for your undying love!


  5. Wow, it’s hard to imagine NOT finding good turquoise in Colorado. I remember seeing tons of it when I was a kid.. but then again, my tastes weren’t very fancy at age 8! LOL

    But yes, love for our ‘babies’ is a powerful thing! : )

  6. Oh, any excuse for shopping!

  7. I’ve been as compulsive in my own love for my children, spending lots of time doing “stuff” that others would deem unnecessary and a waste of time. Still and yet, I can’t help myself. It’s the way of a loving, mother’s heart. A Father’s heart too.

    Perhaps, the turquoise can be found on the next outing; the love? Ready and available now.


  8. A mother’s love is wonderful, isn’t it. (Although I think all that shopping may have done me in! :-)

    Colorado sounded like fun. And it’s so funny that you mention Frisco. I never even heard of it until this week when Dan told me he visited there. And then my sister (from FL) said she’d been there on her recent trip to CO. I guess it means I need to go visit this cute place for myself.

    Blessing to you,

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