A Planner for Your Bride-to-Be


With all the wedding planning resources available online—and some of them free—you might wonder if you need to buy your bride-to-be a wedding planning book or binder at all. MOB, you know your daughter better than anyone else so I say think about what she would really like and go from there.

If your girl-in-love thrives on all the latest tech gadgets and keeps her life organized on her computer, she might actually prefer using the online resources exclusively. But if your sweet girl likes to hold a book in her hands or thumb through magazines, she will thrill at having all the info together in book form—if for nothing else, just to scan and get ideas for her own system of organization.

I bought wedding planner books for both my daughters within a couple of weeks of their engagements. The planners helped them get a grasp of all that wedding planning would entail, and then they went from there with their own organizational styles and methods.

So go ahead—give your girl a tool to work with and then let her fly!

*Have you found a planner you would recommend?

*Here is the planner I got for Kristin, and here is the one I got for Kelli. See other possibilities on this Amazon.com page.

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