Wedding Send-Off Option: Flower Petals!


Mother of the Bride, one of the myriad of details you’ll need to ask the bride and groom is what they want to do for their send-off. Do they want to do it right after the ceremony or would they rather wait until after the reception?

Their send-off decision might be based on which venue will allow them to do what they have in mind, or they might decide based on how many of the guests they want to include. Fewer guests will be on hand when the big party is over, but it might feel more like a real send-off  to do it when they’re heading off to their honeymoon rather than when they leave their ceremony venue.

Whether celebrating the send-off from the ceremony site or from the reception site, one fun and beautiful option is to use flower petals. As pictured above, the flower petals can be put in paper cones, and the shower of colorful petals will not only be a beautiful sight, it will provide a fantastic photo and memory for years to come.

Almost all colors of artificial flower petals are available now, but if you’d like to use fresh, be sure to check with your venue site to see if they’re allowed in the area you want to use them. Some venues might not want fresh flower petals ground into a particular surface as guests walk over them after the petals have been tossed. Always double-check things like this so you’re not surprised by any extra fees later.

So MOB, do you think your sweet couple will like the flower petal send-off idea? Throw it out as an option and see what they say. And if you’re lucky, you can check that detail off your list next!

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*Flickr photo by Ryan Smith Photography, Creative Commons License

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