Portal of Hope

It’s not too uncommon to see rays of light shining from behind a dark cloud on overcast days, reminding us that indeed the sun is still there and will eventually break through. Such a sight offers us the extra encouragement we need to hang on until the dreary weather—or current unhappy life circumstance—passes. Those rays of light impart hope, don’t they?

The more unusual sight happens when hope pierces the clouds and forms a window, a portal to the blue skies beyond. We see not just a whisper of light but instead a crystal clear view of the beauty awaiting us. We see the azure glory behind the clouds.

And even though the window view may be small, it’s still an invitation to come and see, to look through the portal and take hope in what lies ahead—to put our trust in God and wait for His perfect timing in giving the promised blessing.

So when the skies of our lives hang low with dark clouds or when overcast days color our existence, let’s remember to look for the portal of hope. All it takes is a small window view to revive our hope for a better tomorrow. For as blue skies eventually break through the clouds, so also blessing comes to those who put their hope in the Lord.

“. . . I am the LORD; those who hope in me will not be disappointed.” Isaiah 49:23b

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  1. Love this picture, Cheryl, and the “portal of hope”! Perfect. Thanks for the reminder.


  2. LOVE the phrase “portal of hope!” So often, a portal is the exactly right spot to find hope.

  3. Always positive and encouraging, Cheryl. Reading you is like listening to KLOVE! 8-)

  4. HOPE. A beautiful word. Sweet post!

  5. I love – Portal of Hope!

  6. Ladies, so glad you all enjoyed the post and the picture. Your words are such an encouragement and blessing to me. Thanks for taking time to leave a note — I appreciate each one of you!

  7. How true! What a positive post. I love it!

  8. Amen!

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