Bridal Shoes: The Cute Factor


Let’s just say it—every bride wants cute shoes. Many may be concerned about comfort and even end up buying the comfortable option, but deep down, a girl always wants cute shoes.

Is it possible to find a pair of bridal shoes with a high cute factor that won’t cripple your daughter before the dancing is done, Mother of the Bride? Granted, many brides will ditch their shoes after the photos are taken for the special dances, but others will want their shoes to carry them through several hours.

My daughter Kelli was determined in her search for bridal shoes. She wanted a cute pair, something preferably with a flower adornment. When we went shopping for shoes, we came up empty. Wanting to get the task taken care of, I pointed out several different styles as we hunted for the right ones, but she didn’t want to settle for something less than her dream.

When Kelli got home, she started an online search and found just the pair (pictured above) that would work as her Cinderella slippers for her big day. Notice the heel on these shoes is high enough to be pretty but not spiked to the point of pain.

So yes, MOB, it is indeed possible to find the shoes of your daughter’s dreams. It may take a lot of looking, but they’re out there. Good luck to both you and your daughter on the hunt! :)

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*Photo by Will Flowers

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