The In Between

The meantime. The interim. Something has ended, but the new has not yet arrived. Our church is experiencing this right now. We are in between pastors and have been for eight months. That’s not long, though, considering my parents’ church. They are looking for a new pastor, too, and their meantime has lasted over a year and a half now.

Our church has been very fortunate. We had someone ready to step in and serve as interim pastor within a couple of weeks. What a blessing it has been to have the same man standing before us week after week instead of always wondering who might be preaching next. Things have flowed smoothly, and we have carried on the church’s ministries for the most part. We have not been in limbo.

But we are waiting. Waiting goes hand in hand with the in between. You can’t get around it. The test becomes how we wait. Will we trust God to bring the right pastor to us at the right time, or will we grow impatient and demanding and start criticizing our search committee or complaining to God? Will we be supportive and continue to serve in our respective roles, or will we decide to “go on vacation” and just wait for the new pastor to arrive? (By the way, our search committee is doing an awesome job — truly seeking the Lord’s will for our church).

Any of you faced with an interim period in your life right now? Are you playing the waiting game? Change hits us in a variety of ways. Maybe you’re in between relationships or possibly in between jobs. Some of you may have been temporarily sidelined by physical problems, and others may not be able to move forward with a project until certain other things fall into place. Or if you’re a writer like me, you are undoubtedly waiting to see the fruit of your labor, waiting to hear from an editor.

How will we wait? What will we do with our “in between”? Let’s follow the admonition found in the Psalms: “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” (Ps. 27:14)

*Anyone learned any “waiting” lessons that you’d like to share with the rest of us? We’re all ears — just jump in with a comment.

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  1. Waiting…can be so hard to do…

    Our church was without a pastor for a year, we were blessed with an interim for 10 months. He was a mighty man of God who went home to the Lord last summer.

    The pictures on your blog are beautiful.

  2. Hi Annette, glad you are enjoying the pictures on the blog! And thanks for sharing your “without a pastor” story. Sounds like you were indeed blessed getting the interim you had. So are we with ours.

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