Winter’s Beauty

IMG_4274The wonder of God’s world is filled with poetry. It seems only fitting to capture that poetry on paper. I did just that not long ago. Hope you enjoy!

Winter’s Beauty

Winter has a beauty all its own.
Look past the plummeting temperatures
and the landscape stripped
of nature’s green bounty.
Open your eyes and also your heart
to loveliness left us in wintertime.

From the warmth of your nest
from your personal snow globe
gaze on winter in slow motion,
snowflakes falling in graceful rhythm.
Drink of next morning’s sunshine
resting on blanketed brilliance
gleaming in surprise patches of glory
giving rise to spontaneous praise.

Another week, another storm
drops ice instead of snow,
this time we hear it falling,
we hold our breath and hope.
We pray its havoc to escape
but can’t help to stand in awe
of the wonderland of frozen beauty
it sculpts with perfect precision.

Winter’s trees speak silent testimony,
naked branches reaching Godward
stretching, straining with all their might
to touch him, praise him, offer him all.
If this is not beauty, what is?
As if not enough an added glory
Blesses through branches bared,
bonus chances to observe the birds
more visible with leafy dress gone.

When winter hits our vulnerable hearts
its beauty at first feels hidden,
but soon its tender marks peek through
as God ministers with his mercies
drawing especially near us
whispering his love, showing he cares.
Yes, winter has a beauty all its own.

“Even in darkness light dawns for the upright . . .” Psalm 112:4a

*What beauty of winter do you especially love?

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  1. beautiful!!! I love how fresh and crisp everything feels with a fresh blanket of snow…covering over the mud and dead grass…..

  2. I like bundling up in the evenings, even when taking walks. I’m not ready for spring yet. Winter has always been my friend.

  3. Alicia@ eco friendly homemakin says

    I can sure see why you are a writer! Such beauty in the words you write. I am not a big Winter person but I think the snow is always beautiful.

    • Alicia, thank you so much — how sweet of you to say! The Lord is definitely the one who gives me any ability I have, and He is so faithful to help me with my writing. I agree with you — snow is always beautiful. It’s not always fun to get out in, but it’s always beautiful :)

  4. Beautiful! Years ago I knew I had to look for joy in winter because I am an outdoor person. I love lush green gardens & the beautiful colors of nature. Imagine my joy when I discovered all the beauty of winter, much like what your poem says. It was like hidden beauty …. in plain sight. :-)

    • Donna, thanks so much for stopping by and adding your thoughts. So glad you discovered the beauty in winter. Sometimes we just have to look a little deeper, don’t we? Love your thought of hidden beauty in plain sight. Sounds like a poet to me! :)

  5. Debbie Henry says

    Thanks for sharing a little taste of winter with me. I actually miss it sometimes for a short time. :) I have fond memories of being snowed in. One great thing about winter besides it’s beauty is looking forward to Spring.

    • You’re welcome, Debbie. Wish I could share a little more of our winter with you! :) I know what you mean about fond memories of being snowed in, though. Always kind of nice to be safe and warm inside with a winter wonderland swirling around outside. And you’re right — looking forward to Spring is exciting. Come on, Spring! :)

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