Just in Time Giveaway

Anybody ready for a fun little giveaway? This time the lucky winner will receive a $10 gift card to… drum roll, please… Bath & Body Works! Now guys, before you decide you’re not interested :), keep in mind that you can win this gift for a special lady in your life. And all you gals out there — enter for a chance to pamper yourself (after all, scripture says to “Wash and perfume yourself…” Ruth 3:3a NIV!), or you could even surprise your mom with it for Mother’s Day.

Since I want to make sure the winner receives the gift card “just in time” for Mother’s Day, the deadline to enter will be noon (CST) on April 30. Just leave a comment on this post any time before then. If I don’t know you personally, be sure to include your email address. That’s all that’s required to enter.

For those who are willing, though, let’s make it fun — in your comment, share your mom’s first and middle names, and we’ll see if any of them have (or had, if deceased) the same name. You can even mention the nickname you have for her, if you dare :) I’ll kick it off here — my mom’s first name is Rayma, but she goes by her middle name of Charlene. I’m willing to bet those names will be mentioned again — that is if my sisters will chime in! :)

If you’ve not entered any of the giveaways before, what’s wrong with you??!! :) Come on and join the fun!

**By the way, in my last post, I mentioned experiencing some writing-related rejection lately. Let me balance that out today with a little good news — I found out this week that a piece of mine is currently appearing in the spring edition of Living (a regional publication in Virginia), and another piece is being held by a different magazine for possible publication. Thank You, Lord!


  1. Cheryl,

    Congratulations on your article appearing in Living! That is great news. Which article was it?

  2. Hello!!
    I love your blog! My mom’s first and middle name are Martha Ann. The funny thing is, her maiden name was Stewart, so she was Martha Stewart growing up. :)
    Happy April!

  3. Congratulations, Cheryl, on your articles being published!

    My mother’s name is Maude Adeline. Her nickname is Leanie.

    Any takers for repeating that one?


  4. Congratulations on your article!

    My mothers name is Ilene Maude. She just goes by Ilene. I couldn’t believe there is already a Maude mentioned on here. I really didn’t expect to see that name repeated.

    Congratulations again and keep on writing!

  5. My Mom is Cheryl Kay, but I did have a great-grandmother Maude :)

    It’s kind of funny to see how names cycle through generations. Names like Maude might seem old-fashioned to me, but I’m sure in a couple of decades the names that are “current” now will seem old-fashioned!

  6. Thanks, all, for the congratulations. Debbie, the article is called “Celebrating Family”. I haven’t received my copy yet so don’t know if they’ve changed the title or made other changes.

    Emily, I’m so glad you like my blog! :) And that’s wild that your mom was Martha Stewart! :)

    And how coincidental is it that we’ve already seen the name “Maude” repeated?! The Maude that Kristin referred to was my grandmother, and actually a friend (Linda!) from my high school and college days used to call me Maude, too, just to drive me crazy :)

  7. My mother’s name was Dolores Etta. She was actually named after her mother…

    Congrats on the article!

  8. To “cballan”: To be entered in the giveaway, I need you to comment with your email address since I don’t know who you are. And by the way, thanks for the congrats!

  9. Another Rayma Charlene here, but I am embarrassed to say that I am drawing a blank on our grandmother Maude’s middle name. Cheryl, can you help me with that? Also, congrats on the publication. Carolyn

  10. I had Mom help me with the names when I was filling out our wedding book. We’ve got Maude Ethel and Marjorie Faye, though I’m sure you remembered that one Carolyn Faye! :)

  11. Cheryl,

    Congrats on your article!

    My mom’s first and middle name are

    Norma Lee. And my paternal

    grandmother’s name was Maude, too.

    Incredible how those names do cycle

    in popularity.

  12. Carolyn, Kristin was right — Grandma’s name was Maude Ethel. Teri, I didn’t know your grandma’s name was Maude, too. This is getting crazy! :)

  13. Hi,
    Congratulations on your article!

    My mother’s first name is Barbara and her middle name is Lou. Her nickname growing up was Barbie, which my grandmother will still call her from time to time. :-)

    My email is lightbulblab@comcast.net.


  14. Hi, Cheryl,

    Congratulations on the publication of your article!

    My mom’s first and middle names are: Anna May, and she goes by both of them together. That’s a Southern thing, I think; her dad was from Mississippi. :)

    I do love Bath and Body Works. Great idea for a give-away!

  15. Hi Joyce, glad you joined in on the giveaway fun!

  16. Congratulatins Cheryl! Pauline Elizabeth was my mother,s name. She was born in Ohio. I also have noticed geographics play a part in naming as well as generation years. I wonder if anyone I know from the gardening world has read your article in Virginia? I looked it up and it sounds like a magazine that would cater to that clientele I used to serve.

  17. Hey Dave, I had forgotten that you lived and worked in Virginia before heading west :) I believe the Living publication goes to all homes in a certain region so it could very easily have some of the same clientele you serviced.

    Thanks for joining in on the giveaway — you just increased Carolyn’s odds of enjoying some free Bath & Body stuff! :)

  18. I am posting the following for Norma because she is having trouble getting the comment section to work. She emailed her comment to me:


    Hi Cheryl, That is great that your articles have been accepted. I am proud to have a family member with your talent. And it IS a talent. My Mother’s name was Hallie Mae. I doubt that another will appear in your blog as that is an unusual name. She said her name was simply “Hallie” , so she gave herself a middle name. How unusual is that? Norma

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