Frame That Moment!

I can’t help myself. Some things are just too good not to share. Kelli and Jake had their engagement photos taken on Sunday, and their photographer, Will Flowers of J. Flower’s Photography, immediately rewarded (and teased!) us by posting three shots on his Facebook page. Is this photo adorable or what?!

Just so you know, I’ve tried very hard not to overrun my blog with all things wedding since Kelli and Jake’s engagement last August, but I thought you might enjoy getting a peek at their fun photo shoot. Am I right? :)

If I had to write a caption for this photo, I might call it “Frame that Moment!” The love, the fun, the promise of more to come… Some moments are just meant to be captured, aren’t they? Some moments are meant to be framed.

I hope you’ve been lucky enough to capture and frame some of your precious memories. Whether they’re framed and hanging on a wall, carefully preserved in a dearly loved photo album, or tucked away safely in the deepest part of your heart, they’ll bring you renewed joy each time you let your eyes return to them.

I can even imagine our Father in heaven calling out, “Frame that moment!” as He watches the days of our lives unfold. Just as we long to hang on to certain memories of our loved ones, I think God must feel the same way.

I can’t help but wonder if He’s decorating heaven with photos of His kids — scenes from our lives that He smiles over and displays with love. The ones that are meant to be captured, the ones that are meant to be framed…

“The Lord your God…will take great delight in you…” Zephaniah 3:17

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*Photo by Will Flowers


  1. what a great picture! They look so happy!

  2. That’s the most adorable picture EVER! And I love the thought of God framing our moments. :)

  3. Kelli and Jake look so happy!

  4. You know how I love photos. This is very creative and unique. Love it.

  5. ADORABLE picture!!

  6. The most adorable picture ever! So sweet! Such promise and hope. : )

  7. That is truly one of the sweetest pictures I’ve ever seen! And what you wrote about our Father “framing some moments” on my behalf, well, that just brings a tear or two to my eyes. I’ve never thought about it that way, but something tells me you’re right, and one day, I’ll get to see what he thought picture worthy. Can’t wait…


  8. That is an awesome picture!

  9. I believe that is the best engagement picture I have ever seen. It is adorable. Can’t wait to see some of the wedding pix if you are having the same photographer. My imagination is working overtime trying to “see” the pictures Our Father has hanging all over Heaven. What a wonderful thought that He might be “framing our moments”.

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