Daily Devotions for Writers – Unexpected Joy

Caught by surprise. That’s what I was earlier this week when I stumbled across a blog (a group of women writers) featuring a picture of Daily Devotions for Writers. You see, I’d been waiting for news of its release — I wrote the devotion for December 4th. Why had these contributors been notified, and I hadn’t?

Puzzled surprise soon gave way to joyful surprise. After emailing the compiler/editor of the book, I learned that my email address had accidentally been left out of her list so I simply missed getting the information about the book’s release, etc. She filled me in on the details, told me how I could get copies with the contributor’s discount, and then I happily began to enjoy the moment. What can I say? Writers love publication :)

When I first heard about this project, though, I wasn’t sure I wanted to submit anything for it. It was going to be a fundraiser for The Writing Academy, and writers were being asked to donate their work. I usually try to avoid submitting to non-paying markets (ultimately contributes to devaluing writers’ work), but the Lord reminded me that one of my goals is to help other writers. With this project, I could help the writers of the The Writing Academy as well as writers who would one day be reading my devotion (if it was selected for use).

I’m so glad now the Lord prompted me to write a piece and send it in. It’s always a tremendous blessing to know my work has been used and that my words might offer just the encouragement, joy, direction, or hope that someone may need on a particular day. And this time, the chance to help other writers carries its own unique satisfaction and joy.

Were you treated to an unexpected joy this week? Tell us about it with a comment and let us rejoice “Rejoice with those who rejoice…”! Romans 12:15a


  1. Well congratulations! I am so glad you discovered why you had not heard about the release. It sounds like a book I would be very interested in. Does each devotion relate to writers in particular? Can it be purchased through The Writing Academy?


  2. Thanks, Nancy! Yes, all of the devotions relate to writers, and the book is available on amazon.com as well as buybooksontheweb.com. Hope you are blessed by it if you decide to get one!

  3. Cheryl,

    I was running errands Monday in preparation for a writer’s conference I’m helping with (Write2Ignite.com) and God dropped a wonderful donor in the middle of my path. She agreed to provide us with lots of door prizes! It was an unexpected (and very useful) blessing.

    Thank you, Jesus!

    My Conversations With God at http://www.jeanmatthewhall.blogspot.com

  4. Jean, what a wonderful, unexpected blessing! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Cheryl,
    Congratulations on the devotional. I’ll check it out on Amazon.com.

    I pray God opens some unexpected doors to publising for you this summer.

    Blessings to you!

  6. Thanks so much, Kelli. I pray God’s blessings on you, too, as you begin your venture into writing!

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