An MOB Prescription: Movie Fun!


Mother of the Bride, today I’m writing a prescription for you—a prescription for fun!

Remember how I encouraged you a few weeks ago to take time for laughter in the midst of all the craziness of your current MOB life? Well, a one-time shot is not enough. Your demanding role requires regular doses. Yay, right?

My MOB-doctor’s-order is guaranteed to melt tension and put a smile on your face. Keep in mind that the fun-factor of this particular remedy is magnified if carried out with someone else who has weddings on the brain. So grab your daughter, your significant other, or a BFF who is thoroughly invested in your MOB journey and get ready to enjoy your dose of fun!

And what exactly is prescribed? Movie fun! Any flick you’ve been dying to see will work, but since you’re currently living the stuff wedding movies are made of, it’s the perfect time to choose a movie that includes a wedding theme. You will definitely be able to identify with it now in a way you never have before.

How about a classic like Father of the Bride with Steve Martin and Diane Keaton?  This movie absolutely nails the whole parents-of-the-bride experience. I’m sure you’ve probably seen it before, but it’s worth another watch during your MOB tenure. You will smile, giggle, belly laugh, and even get misty-eyed while you watch George and Nina Banks play out on the big screen the situations you’re navigating right now.

So go ahead and take your prescription. Relax and have fun—doctor’s orders, MOB style! :)

*What are some other wedding-themed movies that could fill this prescription for movie fun?

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