Time for Annual “Back At It” Giveaway!

1629254_508396130eMid-August is here and that means it’s time for the annual “Back At It” giveaway—and time for me to get back to my regular style of blogging. Focusing on photos is always a welcome change for a few weeks during the summer, but it’s also good to dig a little deeper and get back to offering you posts that are designed even more specifically to refresh your spirits and nourish your souls.

To help kick off my “back at it” season and since so many are thinking about back-to-school right now, I’m giving away a $15 gift card to Barnes & Noble. I love to be able to support a bookstore while doing a giveaway, and I bet you love a chance to have a few extra dollars to spend at a nearby B&N.

To be included in the giveaway, just leave a comment on this post by 6 p.m. (CDT) Wednesday, August 28. I’ll announce the winner the next day in my Thursday Midweek Morsel post. If I don’t know you personally or cannot contact you via your blog, you must include your email address in your comment (i.e., mary at yahoo dot com) to be eligible for the giveaway.

Any comment will work, but to make it a little more fun, tell me what you’d like to purchase if you win the gift card. Do you have a new book you’ve been dying to read? Do you need a fun new journal? Maybe you’d like to try a new magazines or perhaps buy a gift for someone special in your life.  I’ll look forward to a peek at your would-like-have-at-B&N list!

And now, some “back at it” scripture inspiration for you:

“She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks . . . She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.” Proverbs 31:17, 27

*Flickr photo by striatic, Creative Commons License

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  1. Hi there, love your blog! Especially liked looking at all the photos of the birds. They are so beautiful! If I were to win the B&N gift card, I would buy a book on photography. I bought a new “fancy” camera about a year ago too so I like reading up on photography and learning new tips and skills. I like taking photos of friends and family and food! Love food styling and photography! I just started doing that this year!
    Thank you for the fun give away opportunity!
    Haley M.

    • Haley, welcome to my blog! So glad you enjoyed it. Thanks so much for the compliment on my bird photos! I love trying to capture good shots of them. Good luck with your new camera and improving your skills!

  2. Please include me in the give-away. My mom’s been raving about a book “The Widow of Gettysburg”, so I’d probably give this one a try. Also, I’d love to get a new Bible study book by one of my favorite writers.

  3. Lori Escott-Bratcher says

    Please include me. My email is baabs@sssnet.com. If I won the giveaway I would just browse to see what caught my eye. I am a “judge a book by the cover” consumer ! Thanks for including me. God bless!

  4. skoots1mom says

    I’d like to buy a new family game…something to get us out from the TV…maybe a puzzle..or word challenge type…jumped over from Elaine’s …

    • Welcome, skoots1mom! So glad to have you visit. I would love to enter you in the giveaway, but you forgot to leave your email address (must do that if I don’t know you personally or can’t contact you without a blog link.) Hope you see this note. Just leave another comment (or a reply to this one) with your email address in order to be eligible for the giveaway.
      By the way, We love family games, too :)

  5. Of course, I would get a new Tracie Peterson book! :)

  6. Jennifer Dougan says

    Hi Cheryl,

    Fun giveaway idea. Thanks. I would probably put it towards a Writer’s Market book, I think.

    Jennifer Dougan

  7. Maybe something I could use in my classroom…or there is Dad’s birthday in Sept.

  8. Throw my name in the hat!

  9. Hi, Cheryl!
    I got the tip to come over to your blog from Elaine. I am going back to school this fall and would buy one of the books I need… Henri Nouwen’s “Spiritual Direction: Wisdom For The Long Walk of Faith.” Where can I find your bird photos that someone else mentioned?
    Susan (cromer.susan@gmail.com)

  10. Hi Cheryl. Enjoyed your “never have” list from your trip to Smokey Mts. National Park. I call that my bucket list. We hiked several of the trails in the park a few years back. I love that area. Did you go to Cade’s Cove? If I win the Barnes & Noble gift card I will use it to buy a book on strengthening my memory. :)

    • Judy, glad you enjoyed the “never have” post. Answered your Cade’s Cove question when replying to your comment on that post. I may need a book to strengthen my memory soon, too! :)

  11. Alicia@ eco friendly homemakin says

    What a great giveaway. I would use the card to buy something for someone special! I have been catching up on your posts and loved reading about all you have been doing recently! Awesome!!

  12. Kathy @ In Quiet Places says

    I hope you don’t mind if I share a link to my current article over LifeWay, it is one of those pieces I feel compelled to share and am thankful to have it published there. It is called “A Time for Compassion” and it is about helping hurting people in our church and around us that are going through a divorce, a tough subject to write about! Here is the link: http://blog.lifeway.com/womenallaccess/2013/08/21/a-time-for-compassion/#.UhfQHT9AGWl

    I am interested in Stasi Eldredge’s newest book Becoming Myself.

  13. Monica Henry says

    I’ve been wanting to read Christine Caine’s Undaunted, so I think that’s what I’d pick up!

  14. Hi Cheryl, I haven’t purchased a new book in so long, that I wouldn’t have a problem finding one I would enjoy, but would have a problem deciding which one I want most. I think I might choose one about growing flowers in a dry, desert climate, as in southern Nevada . Norma

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