Expert Help

This past Sunday afternoon our nephew Cody came to town looking for some expert help. Don’t worry — he didn’t hitchhike or ride his bike 75 miles to get here. My sister Carolyn drove him up, and Gavin, our younger nephew, came along for the ride and whatever excitement could be found at Uncle Don and Aunt Cheryl’s. Thank goodness, we didn’t disappoint :)

While Gavin just came looking for fun, Cody actually came on business. Science fair business, that is. And who better to help with a science fair project than Uncle Don? Cody’s finding out that it can come in pretty hand to have a mad scientist for an uncle. When his friend texted him the other day wondering what they were going to do about the project, Cody already had his answer — Uncle Don, the resident family expert in all things biological. Our own little pathological biological maniac :)

Now don’t get me wrong. Cody will do his part. Sunday was just the preparation day, the day to do a practice run-through and fill out all the paperwork (and there was a lot of paperwork!). He’s also going to have to come back for a weekend sometime to do the actual experiment in the lab with Don and then read the results a couple of days later.

Yes, he’ll be doing the procedure, but he’d be lost without Don’s guidance, without the expert help. With the help, he’ll leap tall buildings in a single bound and subdue every bacteria in sight. Okay, so that may not happen, but we’ll all be happy if he just ends up with a successful result :)

For all of us, sometimes things are just beyond us, aren’t they? We come up against problems or jobs that we’re not equipped to handle with our own capabilities. We need expert help. Someone with training, someone who’s mastered the situation, either through study or life experience.

If we’re smart, we’ll seek out wise counsel during those times. It may be our only hope for leaping the tall buildings that lie before us, our only hope for a successful result. The question is will we, like Cody, be willing to go to the lengths needed to acquire the help and then do the work that’s suggested? Will we take care of business? Let’s not forget — sometimes experts aren’t so hard to find. Sometimes they’re as close as our own family…

“Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” Proverbs 15:22


  1. Who is that old man? He looks so professorial. The glare off the glass must be causing his hair to
    look so white.

  2. Love the element of “our” participation in this post, Cheryl. We’ve got to be willing to put some time in with the Professor in order to achieve the desired results!

    For the record, I HATE Science. My husband, thank goodness, fares better in this department.


  3. Cody is sure lucky for that expert help. I’m wondering if that expert help is not the author of anonymous said…

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