‘Fess Up Fun

The other day on the Boomer Babes Rock blog, Suzie Eller declared a ‘Fess Up Friday. She admitted that she is an annoying optimist and challenged us to do a little fessing up as well. I know this isn’t a Friday, but how about some fess up fun of our own right here?

Come on now, we’ve all got at least one thing we can fess up to. You know, maybe a bad habit or possibly a guilty pleasure. Maybe you drink straight out of the milk carton or don’t bother to get a bowl for your ice cream. Or could you be the one who leaves an empty roll of toilet paper or puts the water pitcher back in the fridge empty? Maybe you like to relax and celebrate the end of the day by indulging in something delicious while vegging out in front of the tv for awhile. Anybody drive while putting on make up or texting?

I’ll start us off by fessing up first. I have chocolate in my purse at all times :) Of course, I carry only the dark chocolate that docs have now declared healthy for us. Ghiradelli squares or Dove dark chocolates to be exact :) I can also be caught indulging in a few bites of low-fat ice cream at bedtime — okay, maybe at some point during the afternoon, too :) Hmmm… anyone notice a pattern to my confessions? Maybe a food theme? A love for sweets possibly? Maybe that’s why I have to watch my sugar intake now :)

Now if all this talk of confession is making you think about something more serious — something you need to talk to God about — just remember: “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” (1 John 1:9) The old adage is true. Confession is good for the soul.

But here on the blog, let’s keep it fun, okay? What are you willing to fess up to? Don’t be shy. Leave a comment. Let yourself go and tell your secrets. Let’s make each other smile!

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  1. I can give you more than one confession…

    I “must” wash my feet “before” I exercise. It bugs me to put socks on dirty feet.

    I have to make the beds each day. I think it’s the nurse in me that knows when you make a patient’s bed, it generally means they are up and walking around or dismissed. It’s a good thing!

    I always have my cellphone charging when I am at home in case I must leave for an emergency, which has never happened, but it could.

    I pick up things and wash the dishes before I go to bed because I always wake up on the “slow” side and don’t want to be greeted with a mess in the morning.

    Is this enough? I feel the Lord is saying yes. I will revisit to see other folks confessions.


  2. Hey Nancy, thanks for playing! I love the way you’re always ready for an emergency :)

    To everyone else out there — jump in and join the fun! Don’t be a scaredy-cat :)

  3. I have to confess that I must have some form of chocolate in my house at all times. I panic if there is none!!!

  4. You and me both, Lisa :)

  5. Confessions? I sluff off my obvious need for regular exercise. I can think of a dozen reasons NOT to exercise at the drop of a hat!

    Chocolate? Oh, let’s not go there. I’m very careful about my diet. But chocolate? It doesn’t count! It’s exempt from calorie counts and fat gram counts, I’m sure.

    Chocolate is food for the SOUL, for the EMOTIONS, not the body!

    Hmmm…does that apply to peanut butter, too?


  6. Jean, put your chocolate and your peanut butter together, and you’ll have some yummy Reeses cups! :)

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