Small Packages, Small Steps…Good Stuff

3703145222_428db0fdbc_zNewsflash: I took another step into the online world this week. I ventured into the land of Facebook. That’s right, Facebook. Once again as a non-techie not knowing what I was doing, I took a deep breath and started clicking. Before I knew it, I had my own Facebook “wall” opened. Yes, I’ve got a wall! Now I just need to learn how to tag and poke and various other Facebook maneuvers I have yet to discover :)

I’m wondering if my girls feel like I’ve invaded their turf a little bit. I know I used to have the impression that Facebook was for their crowd, the younger generation — and it may have started out that way, but that’s no longer true. For the past couple of years, I’ve heard more and more of my crowd talking about it. In fact, when one of my sisters opened a Facebook account a couple of months ago, I was almost lured in. I resisted the pull, though, feeling like I had enough to manage just keeping up with email and blogging.

So what changed my mind? Advice. Last month at the North Texas Christian Writers Conference, I attended a session on building platform (a writer’s way to connect with readers). The marketing specialist teaching the session said that social networking tools like Facebook (among others) are must haves for writers. And if you’ve been following my blog, you know that I am, in fact, trying to build my platform before contacting editors or agents about book projects I have in mind. And so, voila — Cheryl is on Facebook :) One more small step on my journey towards publication (hopefully!).

You know what amazes me about small steps like this? Many times the benefits turn into so much more than I’d anticipated. Already I’m seeing how Facebook will be more than a networking tool for me — it’s gonna be fun, too! I’ll get to hang out with my daughters on a whole new level, and I’ll feel more in touch with the rest of my family and friends as well. I’ll probably end up reconnecting with old friends, and on down the road, maybe even make some new ones.

I’d say that’s a small step with big benefits. The same thing happened with this blog. I started it to grow as a writer and connect with readers, and I immediately saw an even greater potential for it — a ministry potential.

We already know that good stuff comes in small packages, don’t we? Well, I think we can be assured that some pretty amazing benefits come from small steps as well. Think about the step of faith we took when we first came to Christ (if you’re not a believer yet, you may want to take this step today!). Most of us didn’t know a whole lot about God and His Son at that time, but we did know we needed a Savior. And so we called on Him, and He came into our lives. And you know what? Even though we wanted only one thing — a Savior — we got oh so much more.

When we came to Him, most of us didn’t realize that our Savior could be our closest friend, the one we can tell everything to, the one who will always be with us. We didn’t know that Jesus could be our strong tower when we’re overwhelmed with fear or hurt or anger. That He would be our protector, provider, and our comforter, or that He would give us wisdom and guidance in our decisions. We didn’t know all the benefits our small step of faith would yield. We got more than we bargained for.

Have you called on Jesus to be your Savior? Have you taken that step of faith? In other areas, are there some small steps we might need to take to achieve a goal or grow in some way? Let’s do it. Remember, good stuff comes in small packages — and big benefits come from small steps.

“…’Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things’…” Matthew 25:21

P.S. Come on over and become one of my friends on Facebook!

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  1. You go girl!

  2. Ha! I just signed up for Facebook yesterday. I don’t know if I’ll do anything with it. I already spend too much time on my computer in the blogosphere. But who knows, maybe I’ll see you there, too!!


  3. Kelli, sounds like we need to sign on to be friends over on Facebook. (I know what you mean about the time factor!) Annette, if you’ve ventured into the land of Facebook, you’ll have to join us, too :)

  4. Well what a coincidence! I just signed up for Facebook a couple of days ago too! I was getting invited by friends at church so I joined. Like you it is still new to me but I am happy to hear it was suggested in your writer’s conference. Please continue to share what you learn so we can both grow in this new area. I would especially like to know how you meet people you don’t know of Facebook. Other writers for example.

    Interestingly enough it wasn’t but a year ago I heard myself say, “What exactly is a blog anyway?” This gives me hope I can learn Facebook too.

  5. A couple of weeks ago, my college-age son set up a facebook account for me…as if I needed another addiction. I’ll invite you to be my friend! What’s been amazing to me is the networking, along with the fact that my son allows me to be his friend too. I always feel strange visiting him there; I try and keep it at a minimum.

    Anyway, keep building and keep believing in your dream. I love being yoked alongside fellow writers in this season of my journey.


  6. can’t find you on facebook. Just type in my name and send a request to add me as a friend, etc. I’m still trying to figure out the entire addiction!

  7. Hey gals, isn’t it crazy that four of us have signed up for Facebook in the past couple of weeks?! Elaine, I found you so you should be getting a friend request from me.

    Kelli, I looked for you but did not see your name with a photo so will wait for that to make sure I’m getting the right person. Or you can look for me…

    Nancy, we’ve already connected. WooHoo! :) Finding friends, you just go to the homepage, click on the Friends tab, then the Find friends tab. Somewhere on there, it will give you a box to type in a name or email address. As far as writer friends, have you ever thought of joining The Christian Writer’s View 2? Great place to connect with writers & then you could search for them on Facebook. I have a link for TWV2 on my blog page.

  8. Hi Cheryl! I read your post at TWV2 and scooted over here to say hi. I’m on Facbook, too. I’ll look you up, if that’s okay.


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