Blown Away by Talent

Do other people’s talents sometimes blow you away? I’m amazed at those with artsy/craftsy talents. Yep, the talents I don’t have :)

This Christmas I was once again in awe of gifts my daughters made. Kristin and Kelli have both learned to knit in the past few years, and Kelli, among other things, is even teaching herself to sew, thanks to the gift of a sewing machine from her sweet hubby.

Kristin surprised me with a gorgeous knitted scarf that could rival any found in the quaintest of  shops to the nicest of department stores. She also knitted the most clever little “sweaters” for clear ball ornaments and gave some to all the ladies in our family. She made red ones as well as gold ones and white ones with sparkles. Absolutely adorable.

And Kelli? She outdid herself this year by making a dress for Kristin. This amazed us all because she completed her first sewing project just one year ago.

At first, Kristin thought the dress came from Gap because the inside tag was a Gap tag. Kelli then pointed out that it was a top from Gap to which she had added a waistband and gathered skirt. Such a fun surprise and so creative!

If I sound like I’m bragging, I guess I am :) I don’t know where my girls got their craftsy creative bents. Definitely not from me. Maybe that’s why I’m so blown away when I see their finished projects. I love watching this side of my girls blossom.

When I stop and think about it, I do indeed know where Kristin and Kelli got their varied talents. The Author of all talent gave their gifts to them—and to us all—very generously.

God gifts each one of us in numerous ways, doesn’t he? I may not possess the artsy/craftsy talents my girls possess, but I do have other talents. God has given me the ability to write and to sing, to encourage and to teach. I’m not a great cook, but I’m a pretty good little baker when the occasion arises. I can also plan and organize the heck out of whatever needs planning or organizing :)

What about you? I know God has gifted you as well—and I’ve been blown away by many of you and your talents time and again. After all, we are all God’s workmanship, and nobody blows us away like the Creator of it all!

“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10

*What talents has God blessed you with?

*Here’s the pattern for the knitted Christmas ornaments above.

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  1. You have reason to be proud of your creative daughters. I’m impressed. :) Not for sure what my talents are. Maybe putting photos in photo albums. :)

  2. Debbie, you are definitely talented at doing photo albums :) I think you’re also talented when it comes to hospitality and reaching out to others. You’re also a great encourager as well as being a wonderful big sister! :)

  3. Hi Cheryl, I think your daughters might have inherited their talents from their great grandmother. Don’s grandmother (my mother) did all kinds of crocheting, knitting, sewing painting. Perhaps those talents skip a generaton :) because our daughters have those talents and I have none and Don’s mother, my sister did not either. The decorations look so pretty!
    Aunt Norma

  4. Amazing giftedness! I experience the same type of joy when I see my kids excel in a way I didn’t expect (or even consider).

    I think, at my core, my giftings have remained over the years; that being said, they’ve taken on new identities in recent days. Overall, I’m a good manager of the home, even though I wish my desire for and experience in the kitchen were greater!


  5. Aunt Norma, I love hearing about Great-Grandma Hallie’s gift of crocheting, knitting and sewing! It is so neat to think about getting that crafty influence from her.

  6. Norma, thanks for the reminder about Grandma Filkel’s craft talents. My Grandma Barnes was quite a seamstress as well so I guess my girls had influence from two different branches of the family!

    Kristin, a long time ago, I may have given you a some potholders that Grandma Filkel made. Maybe you have them in your hope chest. I also have quilts that both of these grandmothers made that you and Kelli will get one day.

    Elaine, I think you and I may be similar where the kitchen is concerned! :)

  7. Love the verse you chose for Beth Moore’s Scripture team! :-)

  8. Welcome to my blog, Elizabeth Ann! Always fun to meet someone else on Beth’s scripture memory team. Glad you liked the verse I chose this time!

  9. Wow you ought to be proud of them! Those ornament covers are just beyond adorable!!

  10. Yes, Alicia, I am VERY proud of them — for so many reasons! :)

  11. nancy Douglas says

    I love those knit ball sweaters! How darling!

  12. Thanks, Nancy! Such a creative idea, aren’t they?

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