Wedding Day Need: Corsage and Boutonniere Pinner

Shawn getting his bout

Mother of the Bride, do you have someone lined up to pin the corsages and boutonnieres for everyone on Wedding Day? If this is one thing that hadn’t occurred to you yet, go ahead and add it to your list of things to do. And while you’re at it, you might want to arrange for a back-up.

Your florist may offer to pin the flowers for you, but if so, be sure to have a Plan B in place. When Kristin and Shawn got married, the florist told us he’d take care of it for us, but when we arrived at the church, he’d already been there, dropped all the flowers off, and left. Thank goodness, one of Shawn’s groomsmen had experience with event planning. Hamilton stepped up and saved the day. (Thanks, Hamilton!)

If you’re lucky enough to have a wedding coordinator, he or she will take care of this task. When Kelli and Jake got married, their church had a wedding coordinator that worked with each couple getting married in their church. She did the pinning as a part of her services. And was I ever thankful. Let’s just say I am not mechanically inclined :)

Make sure you have this wedding day need filled, MOB. This is one job you don’t want to have to do when your nerves may already be jangled!

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*Photo by Chris Humphrey

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