Sweet Tradition

Several years ago, Don and I started our own little Halloween tradition. We go to the movies on Halloween night. We’ve decided it’s a very nice alternative to hopping up and answering the door a kajillion times. This year, Halloween night found us in a nearby town watching Dan In Real Life. Don didn’t think he was going to like it because someone at work told him it was a chick flick. He was pleasantly surprised, though. We both enjoyed it, and he didn’t even fall asleep once. No small feat for Don while watching a movie :)

Earlier that evening as we headed out the door, a couple of little girls all decked out for trick-or-treating came running toward us. I felt bad telling them I didn’t have any candy — they were so excited. It reminded me of my own trick-or-treating days and the tradition I enjoyed then.

When I was a kid, my sisters and I didn’t have a good place to go trick-or-treating because we lived on a highway heading out of town. Lucky for us, though, our friends, the Lees, invited us to their home every year on Halloween night.

Halloween was different then. It was a safer, more carefree age. Our parents didn’t have to worry about us being out by ourselves trick-or-treating. While Mom and Dad enjoyed the evening with Mr. & Mrs. Lee, we kids raced the streets of their neighborhood taking in as much loot as we could before heading back to proudly display our plunder to our waiting parents. I usually had a tale or two to tell as well. If anyone ever asked us to do a trick for our candy, I was the designated trickster for our group. I just flashed my double-jointed fingers at them, and we were sitting pretty. The memories of those nights — so thrilling to me — will be forever etched in my mind’s eye. Spending the evening with our friends every year on Halloween night proved to be a great tradition.

Tradition is wonderful, isn’t it? Some of our happiest moments and best memories are created as we carry out traditions together. We all have traditions we share with family, but sharing some with friends is especially sweet, too. Unless something prevents it, we see in each NewYear with our friends, the Irwins, and enjoy all kinds of silliness together. The 4th of July is no different, except for the heat. Good times with great friends. Can’t beat that.

Do you have a tradition you share with friends? If not, think about starting one. I promise, it will be one of the best things you ever did — for your family and theirs!

“…we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well…” 1 Thessalonians 2:8 NIV


  1. Cheryl, I can see those double jointed fingers now. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. There is nothing more important to me on Thanksgiving than a piece of my aunt Kate’s pecan pie. Usually made with pecans from my parents pasture. I have always associated thanksgiving with the smell of this glorious creation! Now that I am about to host my first thanksgiving (for 38 people no less) I am most excited about the opportunity to share this thanksgiving memory with my extended family. My mother is even bringing pecans from the back yard for the pie. You know, until I read your blog I was feeling pretty overwhelmed and stressed about hosting so many people. But now, I can feel the excitement building too :) Thank you very much!

  3. Sarah, you’re very welcome! Thanks so much for sharing. It’s so neat that you are carrying on the pecan pie tradition for your family. Good luck with your dinner — you’ll do great!

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